Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hey there,

Me (m22) and my father (m53) are looking to form or join a group of enthusiastic trekkers, who are up for the Manaslu Circuit.
We’ve been looking to book this offer:
since it includes transportation and Hotels in Kathmandu, but we are always open for other suggestions/offers.
We are looking to start the trek end march/beginning april but are flexible on the exact date.

if that sounds like something you’re intrested in or you have any questions dont hesitate to contact me 🙂
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Greetings from Germany



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  1. hi, i also want to discuss further ABOUT THIS TREK. PLEASE DROP YOUR MAIL.

  2. visit bro.. Cheers!

  3. Hi Lucas! I’m interested in this trip but can’t start until the second week of May. Is that too late for you? Thanks!

  4. Hello Lucas, Thank you so much for your post and did you guys already confirmed the trip? I have also one client from Denmark(he is fit and 25 years old) and looking for group joining around beginning of April.. If you did not confirm the package you mentioned above, could we work together?Thanks, Raj

  5. Hi Lucas, Im planning something like you do. Im not sure yet if trekking in EBC or Manaslu circuit. I have a bit of experience because I made the annapurnas ciucuit last year. Id rather hire a guide instead of a turist advicer. Im from Argentina, 60 year old, speak english not fluent

  6. Hey Lucas! I’m doing the Manaslu circuit with Tsum Valley and have been talking to guides. My dates are March 16-April 11, hoping to start the trek on March 18. pm if this sounds good to you 🙂