Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi, I’m Holly from New Zealand.

I’m planning on going to Nepal and doing the Manaslu Circuit Trek and Tsum Valley. I would like to start on around 17 October and go for 22 days till 7 Nov (give or take a day or so).

I’m looking for up to four others who want to do this walk to go together. It is mandatory for Manaslu to have a guide and at least two foreigners in the party so I at least would like to find one other person to share my guide. I haven’t confirmed a guide yet but I’ll start looking for one soon.

I’ve never been to Nepal before but I’ve done lots of hiking around New Zealand. I’m 30 and I like nerdy things and being outdoors.

This is an example of the kind of itinerary we will do:

Aarughat – Sotikhola: ~ 5.5 hrs trekking;
Sotikhola – Machhakhola ~ 5 hours leisurely trekking;
Machhakhola – Thulo Dhungga ~ 4 hours trekking;
Thulo Dhungga – Philim ~ 6 hours trekking (checkpoint & 1st night in Tsum valley);
Philim – Chumling (Tsum valley) ~ 8 hrs trekking (800 m. net gain; gross gain ~ 1200m);
Chumling – Chhokang Paro (3031m ) (Tsum valley) ~ 6 hrs trekking (700 m net gain; gross gain ~ 1000 – 1200m);
Chhokang Paro – Mu Gompa (3700 m) (Tsum Valley) ~ 6-7 hrs trekking ( 700m net gain; gross gain ~ 1000 m);
Mu Gompa – Lar (3245) (Tsum valley ~ 3 to 4 hrs trekking. (stayed in Mu Gompa until early afternoon;
Lar – Chumling (2386 m) (Tsum valley ~ 9 hrs trekking, lunch & site-seeing;
Chumling – Pewa (~ 2000 m) (left Tsum valley & start Manaslu trek ~ 5 to 6 hrs trekking;
Pewa – Ghap (2500m) – 5 to 6 hrs;
Ghap – Lho (3180 m) – 5 to 6 hrs (700 m net gain; gross ~ 1000m);
Lho – Sama (Ryo)(3520m) – 3 to 4 hrs. (300m net gain);
Sama (Ryo) – Samdo (3850m) – 3 hr. trek (stop to acclimatise);
Rest day in Samdo – climb towards Lajyung Pass (5120m) on Tibet border;
Samdo – Dharamsala (4460m) – 3 hours trek (stop to acclimate) scout Larkya La;
Dharamsala – Larkya La (5160m) – Bimthang ( 3720m) – 7 to 9 hours. (net gain: 700 m.: net loss 1500m);
Bimthang – Dharapani (1860m – on Annapurna Circuit) – 7 to 8 hrs;
Dharapani – Chamje (1430m) – 4 to 5 hrs;
Chamje – Bhulbhule (840m) – 3 to 4 hrs;
Bhulbhule – Besisahar – 3 to 4 hrs;

This itinerary has heaps of detail:

Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek – 20 day itinerary

I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

New Zealand


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  1. Hi Holly!

    I am planning a Manaslu trek and hoping to start around 14 October so your dates work well for me! However, I was looking at the 15 day trek that is Manaslu only and does not include Tsum Valley. I have about 3 weeks total in Nepal and was also hoping to visit Pokhara.

    I am 39 years old, single, adventurous woman. I have never been to Nepal before but have done a lot of hikes in the United States and traveled to many countries. I am reasonably fit, but not looking to demonstrate feats of superhuman strength 🙂

    Your itinerary sounds really great, let me know if you have interest in joining me for a slightly shorter trek. I am hoping to hire a guide soon, and joining a group of 2-4 others sounds great.

    I have actually been talking to a guide named Rajesh (facebook page Nepal Trekking Experts) and he mentioned your name to me as well.

    Kelly Jo

  2. Hi! I’m planning a trip to Manaslu this october with my boyfriend. We are a 31 year old couple from Amsterdam. It’s our first time in Nepal but last year we did the Inca trail in Peri, which is really short so no we would love to do a longer hike! We are still very much in the orientation fase but already figured we would like to do the trek with a few others without it being to overly organised. We will have 3 weeks in total in Nepal, no flights booked yet. Also really interested in the Tsum Valley, but not quite sure if it will fit?

  3. hi holly, i’m considering doing the manaslu circuit plus tsum valley from mid oct – early nov too. another friend may be joining but not sure at the moment. both of us have been to nepal before, and have done treks elsewhere too. do keep me updated of your plans. thanks.

  4. Hi.
    I’ve been wanting to do Manaslu with Tsum valley for years now. Last time i was in Nepal was just 6 months after the earthquake so had to drop it then. I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu oct 15. I’ve had three previous visits to Nepal, mostly trekking in the Annapurna area. 47 year old male from Norway. Works with computer stuff, so moderatly good on the nerdy stuff.

  5. Hi Holly,
    I am also interested in doing the Manaslu Circuit Trek in October, however, I’d prefer to start earlier if possible (preferably around October 12th), and I’d also prefer the shorter 16-day version. Any chance you’d be able to go earlier and cut it a bit shorter?
    I’m a 32 year old Dane in love with the mountains 🙂 I’ve done quite a good amount of hiking/trekking in the past, and Nepal (and Bhutan, which I’m also interested in) has been on my bucket list for a long time.
    If a slightly earlier start date and a bit shorter route works, I hope to hear from you, as it’d be lovely to be in a small group for this.
    Best wishes,

    • Hi, Hanne! I am looking at the dates around yours also for a shorter trek because i want to continue on Annapurna Circuit after the Manaslu 🙂

  6. Hi Holly & Group

    I would be potentially interested in a trip to Manaslu & the Tsum Valley for 22 odd days.

    your initially proposed dates work more or less for me (17 October – 7 Nov). I have not booked my air travel, as i am trying to work out my plans.

    are these still the dates that are central?

    can we even squeeze in a side trip to Ganesh Himal base camp if we get time? (which looks possible , but i guess we see at the time)

    i am a 43 year old Brit – who has been lucky enough to do the trails of Everest, Langtang, the Annapurna Circuit before.

    best regards


  7. Hi Holly & Group,

    This trek looks very interesting. I am in Nepal from Oct 7th (there was no fixed return date yet, I am taking a career break). I am 29, I love mountains. Never visited Nepal before. But, did some good amount of treks around Europe.

    Please let me know if this group has still places left (or) its fixed number of places.


  8. Hi Holly and group

    Not sure if your trip is finalised or full but I will be arriving in Kathmandu on 8 October and have been looking at doing Manaslu and Tsum Valley. Have been offered a porter/guide by a couple of people but would like a few travel companions. One company I have been in discussion with is Nepal Mother House Treks. I also have a contact through a friend who may be able to organise a porter/guide.

    Your dates would work for me, I only have to be back in Ktm by about 16 or 17 Nov so could potentially add on a side trip or something at the end as well.

    I am 48 y.o. South African, living in Scotland, currently on extended leave from my job to do a bit of travelling.


  9. Hi Holly,
    I’m Roman from Poland, 42 years old male.
    I will be in Kathmandu on the 17-th October at 10:45. I can go on this trek from Kathmandu as soon as possible, so I think on the next day.
    I trek quite a lot in Poland. I have been to Nepal several years ago (Everest Base Camp + Gokyo).

    My friend has the trekking travel agancy in Poland and organises trekkings in Nepal too. So I can organise everything with his help in a good local agency from Kathmandu.


    • I’m Tad from Poland, 42 years old male.
      I will be in Kathmandu on the 17th October till Dec 15
      Interested in Manaslu Trek, remote trekking, peak trekking.
      Hope to see you

  10. HI Holly, Wow, your post really got lots of interest! I’m yet another who is interested in doing Manaslu. I would like to do Tsum if it works, but I’m totally flexible. Just want to spend so time in the mountains.

    I’m a Canadian traveling solo. I have only been to Nepal once but have spent a lot of time in mountains and hiking.

    Have you decided on a route and dates yet? Is there still room for a partner? Please let me know.

    cheers 🙂

  11. Hey future trekking partners
    There are a few of us set to depart for manaslu+tsum on 17 Oct returning around 8 Nov. Contact me if you are still interested in joining.