Manaslu Circuit Trek


I will be arriving in Kathmandu March 27. I’m looking for a partner (or more) to join me! Manaslu requires a minimum group of 2 and a guide, so we can work together on getting a good package through a company. I would like to stick to a cheap – moderate budget as I’m planning to do a few more treks during my trip here. Also I am possibly thinking of adding Tsum Valley to this trip, but that is subject to change based on if my partner is willing and cost of the trip.

I am here to simply enjoy the beautiful mountains, learn about the different cultures and languages, and open my mind – it would be great to have a partner that wants the same. Let’s make it happen!



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  1. Hey Ron,
    have you found a tracking partner for Manslu? I’m already in Kathmandu and going to a yoga retreat for 5 days nearby. Will be ready to rumble after March 30th and would love to include the breathtaking Tsum Valley too.
    Let’s do this!

    • Hi Verineia,

      I have found a guide through a company for $1050, 14 days, unfortunately no Tsum Valley. As of now I will be doing this solo with a guide and I believe we will be leaving on the 29th. This was the best deal I could find anywhere so I jumped on it. If that date works for you I’d be happy to bring you along.

  2. Ron, this sounds great.
    I can take the 3 days yoga option istead of 5 and hence finish on 28th. This means I’ll be back to Kathmandu on 29th. Is there any flexibility to start on the 30th, because that might just work. Also, could you share the itinerary the guide you found suggested. Let me know. Is there a way we can connect via whatsup? my number is +86 15989093773. Cheers.

  3. I just talked to the operator of the company. He will send me the itinerary. I can wait until the 30th 🙂 In this case we will do Tsum Valley, 19 days, $1400 will be the price. Does that sound good to you? Also (just to let you know) I may be continuing to Annapurna straight after without a guide. So operator just said it would cost another $60 to get back to Kathmandu because it will be another day and a half. He’s been very informative and helpful so I believe he’s giving good prices.

  4. Hi Ron & Verineia,

    I’m hoping to climb Manaslu and am also looking for other people to go trekking with. It’s my first high altitude hike but I’m pretty fit and happy to take the time to slowly acclimatise (no need to rush a beautiful trip in the mountains!) I’m currently in Pokhara and looking to leave for the trek around the 31st of March or 1st of April. I haven’t read much about the Tsum Valley but am willing to spend a few extra days for a side trip.

    I’d be interested in joining you guys if you’re looking for other trekkers, but I’m wondering why you’re going with a fixed price travel agency, rather than hiring a guide (split amongst trekkers) and just paying for food and accommodation along the trail wherever it seems worth stopping? It seems to me that this will add $300-$400 extra to cost of a 14 day trek and I’m not sure what extra value we would get for doing an all inclusive? (I’m reading the cost as 1050/1400 as per person though – if it’s a total cost split amongst 2-3 people then I can definitely see it as being worthwhile!).

    It would be great to get in touch to discuss ideas and see if it would work out to meet up and trek together! Look forward to hearing back from you guys.