Manaslu Circuit Trek

We are two friends (26M x2) from Barcelona mainly looking for a guide for the Manaslu circuit. We would also be happy to share the experience and split the costs with other trekkers.

A bit about ourselves: we are both quite fit -we do sport every other day and we are into long distance running. We have moderate experience in the mountains (my friend more than me!), but we have never been over 3500m.

We have a rather tight schedule, so we are looking into completing the trek in around 12 days (we leave Kathmandu on the 14th of April). Because of this, it is possible that some stages will be tougher than usual. With that said, we don’t want to hurry our acclimatisation time.

Our idea is to do the traditional trek, perhaps trying to do Samdo-Bimthang in one day if we feel good. We would also like to go to the Manaslu BC during the acclimatisation day at Sama.

Similar to our schedule, our budget is also tight 🙂 That’s not to say that we don’t want to contribute to the local economy; but we want to do this trek with just the essentials.

We are looking forward to hearing from other mountain enthusiasts!



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  1. Hi Marcel,
    I’m Yudhir currently from Pokhara, Nepal. I’m not a guide and I’m also looking for a partner. For me, I don’t need to get a permit nor a guide, but I was hoping if I could find some mountain loving people to go with. Please let me know about your plans.


    • Hey Yudhir, thanks for answering. We are mostly interested in getting a guide who could also arrange our permits.