Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi guys.
My name is EL, me and my friend (2 of us) are going to have a 15 days trekking in Manaslu circuit.
We already had our guide, but looking for someone to share the cost (like you know, for the guide and porter)
My cost in total for guide and porter in 15 days is : 775$/group (included their salary, accommodations, meals, insurance,….)
Group of 2 – 388$ each (2 of us)
Group of 3 – 259$ each (if one of you can join)
Group of 4 – 243$ each (1 guide 2 porter) or 194$ each (1 guide 1 porter)

Accommodations and meals during the trek are gonna cost roundly 325$ – 350$ (for 15 days trek)
Your trekking permits cost 120$ (MCAP, ACAP, Manaslu circuit special permit in 7 days plus 13% Government tax)
Transportation cost roundly 40-50$/person with local bus (included the extra cost you have to pay for your guide transportation)
In total: Group of 4 with 1 porter and 1 guide: 699$/person
Group of 4 with 2 porter and 1 guide: 748$/person

All costs are based solely on my personal calculations. When we go together, everything will be shared more clearly and divisible.

We’re looking for a couple (female trekkers are preferred because we’re both female, but if you are really want to join, give it a try). I’m a budget traveller, so I would do anything to cut down the cost.
This is my first time of me and my friend in Nepal, we are both in good shape, under 30 and have done a few treks before. I can only speak English but my friend is good at French. We are both Vietnamese and very open minded

Our flight tickets are booked, we are gonna arrive at Kathmandu airport in Oct.23.2018. The trek will begin in Oct.25 (but you need to be in Kathmandu at least a day before for making permits) and we will head back to Kathmandu in Nov.8 (or 9). (Fixed date)

If you want to join us, feel free to email me:
I’m not gonna be here often to check the comment, so make sure you email me for fast response.


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  1. Hi. I tried emailing your personal address but no response.
    Im keen to discuss any ideas and possibly join your team. You can check my profile on Facebook and see I have traveled extensively and am an experienced hiker, so despite my age I would not be a burden to you.
    Im also keen to explore Tsum valley as all reports say its amazing. Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Hello Sebastian Namaste and wecome to Nepal my name is Gam Bahadur Rai I am a professional trekking Guide and have A small trekking agency based in Kathmandu if you need help to get permit please feel free to write me looking for ward to hear from you with best Regards gamba