Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hello TP,

I’m originally from Ireland, and have been living and working in SE Asia for several years. I’m planning to do Manaslu Circuit trek in early April. It will be my first high altitude trek, but I’m reasonably fit with good endurance, and plan to hike at an easy to moderate pace to ensure proper acclimatization.

I’m looking for partners to share the experience of the magnificent trail, and also to split the costs of a guide. My dates are flexible, but I hope to leave Kathmandu between 1-6 April. I hope to complete the trek in around 15 days, or maximum 17 days, including any side-trips which the guide may recommend to monasteries, villages or small peaks. I’m especially interested in spending time getting to know our guide and meeting local community members.

This will be an independent, low-budget trek (but I strongly believe in contributing a fair amount to local communities). I hope to join with max 3-5 other trekkers, plus a guide. Looking forward to hearing from you!

— Niall



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  1. Hi Niall,
    This is Yudhir. I live in Pokhara, Nepal and I’m also planning on doing the Manaslu Circuit early April and looking for a partner to go with. I’m not a guide although I’m a Nepali citizen and have a lot of trekking experience in the Himalayas. I’m not exactly sure if you need a guide for Manaslu circuit, but at least two people are required as per what I have read. Please get back to me if you are looking for a partner for the trek.


    • Hi Yudhir,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I’m still really interested to do this trek, but was losing hope as nobody had replied to my trip posting!

      A guide is indeed required for Manaslu Circuit, and yes, it’s a minimum of two people per guide.

      I plan to arrive in Kathmandu around 3 April, and spend a couple of days seeing the city, picking up some gear and maybe exploring the surrounding area. I then aim to start the trek around 6-7 April.

      I’d just like to let you know that this will be my first high-altitude trek, and therefore the pace might have to be a little slower, although I am reasonably fit and have good stamina. If that is OK with you then I’d be really happy to be your trekking partner.

      Thanks again, and look forward to hearing from you.

      — Niall

    • Namaste it’s me Lhakpa from Manaslu region Sama village. I had trek to manaslu 3days before with Poland people. I am really happy that help you if you guys interested to trek with local guide as it’s my place. I would serve you better than others. Lets me know as I am free in.early April
      If you guys interested mail me below lhakpal301

  2. Hi Niall (and Yudhir)

    I’m in exactly the same boat as you – looking to so Manaslu in 14-17 days with side trips, excited for my first high altitude trek and keen to find other people to do the trek with. I would also rather have a lower budget trek, with my money being spent at the teahouses and going directly to a guide – rather than paying for an overly expensive trek that mostly benefits an agency in Kathmandu.

    I’m in Pokhara for a few days relaxing before heading into the mountains and stocking up on gear before I go. Ideally I’d like to start around the 1st of April though, so I’m wondering if you have any flexibility in your dates or if you definitely won’t be able to start until the 6th or 7th?

    Message me back – it would be great to share the experience with some other keen trekkers!


    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I’m still interested in doing Manaslu but losing hope that it will be possible this time, due to the need to find partners, guide etc. So I may just end up doing Annapurna with everyone else.

      As far as my dates go, I won’t arrive in KTM until 3 April so it would be at least a few days before I would head out on the trek.

      If you’re interested in Annapurna and starting a bit later do let me know – but unfortunately it looks as if this Manaslu trip won’t be happening this year.