Manaslu Circuit Trek

I am planning to trek the Manaslu circuit in mid October 2020 although dates flexible. I have a guide based in Kathmandu and am looking for 1 or 2 others to make up a party of 4 in total. Teahouses sound fine but also interested in visiting Tsum Valley and, possibly, some mountaineering possibilities off the trek if the opportunity arises.



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  1. Hi John,I am Sunil from India. I am also interested in doing this trek starting in mid October. Dates are flexible yet. Can join with you. For tsum valley not yet decided but I am not interested in mountaineering part.

    • Hi Sunil. Thank you for your response and interested to know you are flexible with dates. Not sure yet about details and will have to wait to see if I can get some more people. Thank you.

  2. Am thinking of Manaslu later this year, and on around AC. I tried last dec but caught a virus that laid me low, had to call it a day in Samdo and go back down. Have done AC four or five times, ABC etc.

  3. Your itinerary isn’t very helpful currently, if you also do Tsum valley then everyone else will have to. Similarly if you do any climbing then non climbers will have to wait for you to finish because the group must stay with the guide.

    What day rate per trekker is your guide asking?



  4. Latest from NTB office:

    Thanks for getting in touch with us. We would like to kindly inform you that Nepal is open to the tourists who aspire to trek and mountaineer beginning of October the 10th. But, the trekking and mountaineering are ONLY allowed in a team. It is highly advisable that the tourists conduct the PCR test before arriving in Nepal and stay in quarantine for minimum of 10 -14 days. Please visit our website for further updates.