Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hello 🙂 I’m looking for trekking partners. I would like to take part in the Manaslu circuit trek, but I need another person 🙂 I think about 17 days trekking. Firstly, I spend some days in Kathmandu. I would like to visit Kathmandu and around and prepare all things which I need for a trekking (permission, finding a guide, renting a sleeping bag etc.). After trekking I think about taking a rest in Pokhara.



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  1. Hii Maria,
    This is mayank from Delhi (india,) I would like to travel in same date to Kathmandu and like to explore and do trek in their and I will be share travel expenses and will different culture meeting together in one place very happy for that , so let me know if you are on same page.
    Then I would share my contact details so get know more about me before we travel.


  2. Hi Maria,

    Here is an experienced guide from Nepal. If you want my help you will travel and tour , trek all for least cost. I am sure you will have a lot of cultural and adventurous experience to take back with you when you head home.

  3. Hello Maria,

    My name is Allert, from the Netherlands. I am excited to trek the Manaslu Circuit as well around that period. I will probably be in Kathmandu around the 10th of march. (maybe earlier/later). Do you want to meet up and prepare for this trip in Kathmandu? I’m looking forward to : )


    Allert Smit

  4. Hi Maria! I am Anna from Austria, having done the Annapurna trek already a couple of years ago this time in Nepal I would love to do the Manaslu circuit. I will be in Nepal from march 6th to april 12th and would love to do a trek with a guide and a small group.
    greetings, Anna

  5. Hi Maria and others! Are you still looking for trekking partners?

    I will be in Nepal between 4th and 27th of March and I want to do the Manaslu Circuit with a small group or at least a partner for splitting costs and experience.

    Greetings, Sönke

  6. Hi Maria an fellow trekkers,
    My name is Luke an I’m from Australia traveling to Nepal alone. An I’m also really wanting to do the Manaslu Trek.
    Would it be possible to join your group?
    I will be in Kathmandu on the 7th. When do you think you will leave for the trek?

  7. Hello Luke,
    Good day! I do have a group leaving for Manaslu Tsum valley on 9th March for 20 days. They are 3 trekkers so far and only one space left.
    If you could manage your flight earl (starting from 3rd March) then I do have single trekker confirmed from Australia and looking for partner. He is doing 14 days Manaslu circuit only. If you are interested with any option please feel free let me know. Thanks, See you soon!