Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hello Namaste to everyone
i am doing a manaslu circuit trekking in coming march 18th 2018 for a 15- 18 days with my Friend. we are 3.
Manaslu Circuit Trek offers fabulous beauty along the border of Nepal and Tibet. It is now a restricted trekking route for which trekkers should obtain a special permit from the government registered trekking agency of Nepal to get entrance in this region. Only then, you can have the chance to venture around its magnificent circuit.This trekking has a unique surrounding that is exceptionally rich in its bio-diversity, which has make it popular as the tourist destinations for several years. All the features of this region including natural scenery, high glacier lakes, fascinating flora and fauna and majestic Himalayan ranges have made it one of the best places of Nepal.
so, please if you are looking for partner please contact to me in my private E-mail



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  1. Subash, ow can you do a Manalsu trek on the 18th when you have yourself leaving on another Manslu Circuit trek 6 days earlier?