Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hey :).. I’m planning my next trip to Nepal. I’ll arrive in KTM at the end of Oktober and I hope to walk Manaslu and maybe the Tsum Valley. I’m seeking a partner to share the experience. I have about 4 weeks for this travel, so I’m not very flexible when it come to shifting in timeschedule for the trekking. I’m open for any request to see if we can make it happen. My plan is to stay in KTM valley or Pokhara for some days to get strong… My pace is between slow and average. I might consider two or 3 days break in during the trekking, if the place feels good to hang out for some. Last year I’ve mett a good trekking guide in Nepal, so we can ask him if he wants to guide us. He is friendly, reliable, good company and he know’s his way in the Annapurna region. I’m not sure if he know the Manaslu-Tsum Valley region that well. I’m open for other guide options as well. Feel free to contact me.. NAMASTE!



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  1. Hi Rob,
    the Manaslu circuit + Tsum valley is one of my favorites in Nepal this autumn season. It will be my fourth trek in Nepal. I have also 4 weeks reserved in November.
    If you interested we can changed our plans maybe they fit together.

  2. Hi Rob,
    I’m planning to arrive in Nepal at the end of October and would love to make a trekking in Nepal with some nice people to share this experience with. I like you idea of trekking but also having break days to hang out and enjoy the mountain villages.

    My plans are not very fixed yet, still reading about different treks and trying to figure out what suits me best. If you’re interested, please let me know your plans and maybe we can combine plans.


  3. Hi Rob-
    Your timeline is very close to mine. I’m hoping to have a few more days out (25) to include the Tsum Valley and stops at the monasteries in the valley to meditate with the monks and nuns. I’m a solid hiker but like to take time to enjoy the moment and I’ll stop for anything I can photograph.

    I’ve done a bunch of research and have a good itinerary and a line on a good guide from the Tsum Valley I’ve been speaking with.

    I will also post my own partner request, but please let me know if you are interested in joining together.

  4. Hi

    Has anybody organised the guide and porters yet? Just wondered how much the trip will cost. I know a good agency in kathmandu that has pretty reasonable costs (i used them for Kanchenjunga circuit in May).
    Thanks, Andy