Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi there! I’m heading to Kathmandu arriving on November 6th and hoping to do the Manaslu Circuit trek over about 13 days! I’m 24 years old, from Vancouver Island, Canada, and have been traveling through South East Asia since January 2017. I am a pretty cheery person and looking for people to keep me company for 13 days of trekking through the Himalayas! Pretty dang stoked! Please let me know if you’re interested in joining me 🙂



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  1. Hi Kyla – I am also hoping to do the Manaslu Circuit in early November – and also totally psyched! Very cool that you have been traveling on Asia for such a long time! Which agency are you signed up with or planning to use? And what does the price include?
    I assume you meant to say that you are twenty-something years old….and not 2 years old! 🙂 I am 59 and fit….and actively training for the trek! I arrive in KTM on the morning of Nov 4

    Look forward to hearing from you!


    • Hi Rona! Yes – thanks for pointing that out, I’m 24 years old! I am signed up with Nepal Trekking Experts Ltd. and have been in touch with Raj who also posted on the main trekking page! The price includes a bunch of things, I’ve included the link below so you can read about it if you’d like!

      Hope this helps!! 🙂

    • Hi Rona, just wondering if you are possibly still interested in joining me on this trek! Let me know 🙂

  2. Hi Kyla,
    Thanks so much so reaching out again…..and sorry I never responded to your last note! I am leaving TWO WEEKS from today and I’m a bit overwhelmed with finishing up things here that I’ve sort of put planning the trek on hold…..still in touch with a few trekking agencies – checking them out from afar – but had decided (after much back and forth) to wait til I get there.

    How did you decide on this company? They are very cheap….which makes me suspicious! There was only one other company that I contacted that was this inexpensive….most state that they are bt $1300-1800, with one at $2300! I hear there’s negotiating power once in Nepal! Did another trekker recommend this company to you? How long have you been in Nepal?

    Re: Raj – when I saw his post it sounded like he was a guide looking for business….but I didn’t look closely. Is he another traveler?

    Do you have a specific date you want to start the trek? I arrive on Nov 4 int eh morning and will need a few days to acclimate to the culture, place, etc and rest!

    Look forward to hearing back from you!

    • Hi Rona,
      No worries, I totally understand getting all this organized is a bit stressful!! Yes another fellow traveller that I met on my trip told me about this trekking company and went on and on about how great her experience was with them! I trust her judgement so I decided to go with them. 🙂 I will arrive in the evening of Nov 6th and hoping to start the trek either the 7th or 8th of November. Let me know if this will work for you as well! Thanks Rona!

    • Oh and also Raj is the guide from the trekking company, there may be a German guy joining as well but so far just I am signed up with Raj for these dates!

  3. I should say that, based on the certifications and memberships they list, they do sound like a good agency – responsible, etc!

    • Namaste dear Rona, hopefully you are doing well and I just read your comment above. If you do not mind I would recommend you to visit our TripAdvisor reviews which could give you extra confidence to work with us. Or since you are arriving 4th November also please feel free to visit my office. I would like to offer you some drinks. If you need any assistance to pick up from airport or any information then please do not hesitate let me know. Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you soon. Raj

  4. Hi Kyla. I fly into Kathmandu on the 4th November and I am keen to do the Manaslu Circuit trek and also the Tsum Valley if I have time. I fly back to London on Thursday 23rd Nov. I am a 33 year old British male. I have trekked all over the world and have previously been to Nepal (2010) where I did the Annapurna Base Camp / Sanctuary trek. I would be happy to join you on this trek. Rona too if she’s coming? Does the price include everything? Are you camping or staying in tea houses? What day will you be getting back to Kathmandu? Are you doing any side trips to the Tsum Valley? I would like to see the valley for a few days if possible.

    • Hi Daniel! I hope to leave for the Manaslu trek on November 7 or 8 as I arrive on the evening of Nov 6 and need to get some extra gear. My flight out is in the afternoon of the 22 so we will probably arrive back 20/21 depending how it goes. It would be great if this works for you as the more the merrier!! I’ve included the link below that shows everything it includes, which is all accomodation and meals during the trek plus more. You can read here:

      Hope this helps! Also if you have facebook or email we could start a group message with Rona and the guide I plan to go with to sort all these things out! Let me know! 🙂 Thanks Daniel and I look forward to hearing back from you!

  5. Hi Kyla! I have given this some thought. I arrive on the evening of the 4th so I will probably be ready to leave on the 6th. I am also keen to the Tsum Valley and I have looked into it and I think I can do both in the time that I have provided I leave on the Monday. Thank you though for coming back to me and I wish you a great trip! I might even see you on the route as I will be in the valley for a few days which is a bit of a detour. Dan

    • Hi Daniel – So, what are your plans for Manaslu exactly? How many days are you planning on being on the trek? Are you hiring an agency or a guide only?

  6. Hi there. We might need to change feeds out of respect to Kyla. I’ve hired an agency who are booking everything. Leave on Monday 6th Nov and will be trekking for a total of 15-16 days I think. Includes the Tsum Valley. The agency are sorting out the permits, the guide, the transport, accommodation and meals along the route. If I find a partner the price reduces to $995. It’s more if I do it solo which I’m happy to do if I can’t partner up. Just want minimal hassle and a very seamless / efficient trip! Let me know if you’re keen and I’ll email you the trip breakdown. Kyla – sorry this is on your message feed!

    • Hi Daniel, I arrive in Kathmandu on the 3rd November and, like you, am hoping to hike both the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum valley. I do not as yet have a guide. I am 48 years old, British/American, with ample trekking experience. Do you still need others to make up a group? I was hoping to keep the trip cost down and am carrying my own gear.

      Best, Paul

    • Not a problem Daniel, bummed it won’t work out for us but yes hope to see you on the trail! Have a great trip! 🙂

  7. Hi Daniel – Are you still looking for a trekking partner? And which agency are you using?

    • Hi Rona. Yes I am. I did respond in the feed above but it’s awaiting ‘moderation’ whatever that means! I’m using Rajesh. Leaving on Mon 6th November. Do you want to join? Can we set up an email group please or something as it will be much easier and faster to arrange?

      Paul – thoughts? Others?

  8. Hi Daniel, Rona,
    I am very interested in joining you for the Manaslu circuit and Tsum valley. I arrive in Kathmandu on 3rd Nov. and need time to acclimatise, sort permits, pick up a last couple things. Rajesh has contacted me independently, mentioning that he has one person starting on the 6th, by which I assume he means you, Daniel. The date works well for me.

    Daniel – do you have an itinerary from Rajesh? Has he detailed what the the $995 covers? I was rather hoping to do it on a lower budget, as I am carrying my own gear. But I suppose that will depend on how many make up a group. 15-16 days seem short for the full circuit, including a diversion to Tsum, but perhaps not if you are planning to finish in Dharapani, like me, where Manaslu intersects the Annapurna circuit.

    Best, Paul

  9. Paul. What is your email address? I can send you the info from Rajesh. That’s correct in that I am the one leaving on the 6th. Would love for you to join. Based on the itinerary I think it’s about 16 days trekking. Manaslu is circa 13 so the additional 3 is for the Tsum Valley. I trust Rajesh’s judgment and he thinks it’s doable.

  10. Would love to get your address,a s well – I sent mine yesterday but it’s tied up with the moderator!

    • Rona. Rajesh has connected Paul and I via email. Can you email Rajesh direct at Nepal Trekking Experts and he will Cc you into the correspondence?

  11. sent my address but it’s tied up with moderator. look me up on Saint Stephen’s School Rome, under faculty. you’ll find my address there.

  12. Hi guys,
    I’m all set for Manaslu between about 7-23 November using the same guide and company as three passes and ebc (2 different trips). Could take extra people simply by adding a porter to the team. 19 days including transport, stays, breakfast, guide, porter, permits about $850 US, includes 3 nights in Kathmandu. I can probably negotiate with the tour company on price subject to how many people there are. Only looking to add reasonably fit people that are easy going and have experience in multi day hiking. Thanks

    • Hi Doc – Curious to know what agency you have used? I;m assuming that you are happy with them or else you would not be working with them still.

    • Hi Doc – do you begin the trek on the 7th, or fly into Kathmandu on that day?

  13. Himalayan Social Journey. I’ve done ebc in 2014 with them in a group and three passes in 2015 with 2 of us and private porter and guide.
    I’ll be leaving Kathmandu the 7th

    • As you may have seen from earlier posts, I arrive in Kathmandu on Friday, 3rd Nov, and have a hotel booked for 2 nights, but can cancel the second night (up until Wednesday), if your outfit would provide lodging for 3 nights (4th-7th). The 7th would work as a start date for me. I was not planning on using a porter, but am flexible, Are you including some days in the Tsum valley? If so, I’d be most interested in joining. I’m fit, easy going, good sense of humour, with trekking experience in Europe and U.S., Middle East, Caucasus, Atlas Mountains and Ladakh. Fluent Italian, as well as English, some German and French.

    • Hi Doc,

      I’m laving for Nepal today. Arrive in Kathmandu on Friday, 3 Nov. at 11:25 AM. Will be staying in Ganesh Himal Hotel in Thamel first night. Will drop by Himalayan Social Journey agency to check in about the Manaslu trek you are planning – itinerary, what’s included, etc. Assuming you are still interested in adding another person. It would be great if you are.

      Best, Paul

    • By the way, if you would like to communicate directly, you can find my address on the site for St Stephen’s School, Rome, under faculty.

      Best, Paul