Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi All
As my current team suddenly disintegrated I’m looking for trekking pals to do Manaslu circuit. I’m already in talk with few guides so I should be able to provide one for a team. Looking to spent around 20 odd days in the mountains, taking time and do some side trips. Anbody interested please give me a shout. I’m estimating the trip to cost around 800-900USD if there is few of us



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  1. Hey Bart,
    I am planning on doing the Manaslu Circuit as well. I am in Nepal since October and did a lot of previous trekking. I would be happy to join you, just send me a message!

    • Hi
      I’ve sent you a message on as this site was down for 2 days. You’re welcome to join in. Let me know if you still up for it

  2. I want to Manaslu and now in Nepal

    • Hi Chris
      Are you still interested in joining the trekk? we’re starting 6 or 7th january. Please let me know

  3. I just finished Mustang & ACT,2-JAN will back to Kathmandu.But my camera was damaged,so It depends on the possibility of repairs in Kathmandu.And my English is very poor, can only simple communication.
    I hope you don’t mind

  4. Hi no problem about your English, my brother is not great either. Just let me know if you wanna join cause I’d have to notify my guide. As i said earlier we wanna start 6-7th. You would have to be ready for the 5th to do all the permits

  5. Hi Bart.
    l just back to Kathmandu already.

    • Ok Great. We have to meet somewhere on Friday as early as possible to start doing permits. Which hotel do you stay?

  6. l stay in HOTEL SWEET TOWN.
    Are you already arrived NEPAL?

  7. We are coming on Friday. Around 11am. I want to get permits the same day if possible. How much do you pay for room in your hotel?

  8. Ok your hotel is bit expensive, we will stay in silver home hotel and its 5min away from you. you can give me your phone number and i’ll call you once we arrive or send sms to my number on +447886844534

  9. RS1200 pre day.And the TIMS card & permit need apply myself?not the guide apply?

    • Hi
      You don’t need TIMS only ACAP, MCAP and restricted area permit. You can do ACAP yourself rest we can only do with a guide. Can you wait for us in your hotel? We can come and pick you up between 11:30 and 1 pm.
      Do you use WhatsUp? Is faster to communicate

  10. l have not use WhatsApp and just used WeChat only.And l will change to greatwall hotel on tomorrow.

  11. ok we will come to your hotel, please let the stuff know that we will be asking about you. it will be friday between 11:30-1pm. Let me know if thats ok.
    Also how do i find you on wechat?

  12. l found another hotel more cheaper RS700 and will wait of you in hotel.
    My room 302 hotel discovery inn
    My WeChat id: chris638031

  13. hi bart,are you arrived Nepal?