Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hey all,

I’m a solo, experienced trekker. I fly into Kathmandu on October 1st, and I’m hoping to begin the trek on October 3rd or 4th. I’m looking for a partner or two to share the cost of the guide.

I’m also open to doing the Tsum valley extension.




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  1. Hey Tyler,

    I arrive the 30th and would definitely be interested in forming a squad. I’ve got 3 or so weeks in Nepal so should be plenty of time for Manaslu. Let me know if you’re still looking for partners.


    • Hey Andrew, I’m still looking for partners. Would you be open to doing the Tsum Valley extension as well?

  2. Good deal. How many days were you thinking of adding for it? I booked return flight for Oct 19 from KTM, so we could start early or I could move my flight back

  3. Hi Andrew and Tyler,
    I’m already in KTM and looking to do the Tsum Valley extension. I’ve got open plans for Nepal so let me know if you guys are interested!

  4. Hey Andrew, Tyler and Kelsie,
    I just arrived in Kathmandu and would also like to do the Tsum Valley extension. Are you guys intressted in forming a group?
    maybe we can meet somwhere in thamel and have a Chat!