Manaslu Circuit Trek

We are couple from Poland, 30 and 27 age. We would like to make Manaslu Circut Trekking with Tsum Valey
We spoke with some agencies which our friends suggested. He was in Nepal last year and we have some offers.
We ale not “all inclusive” tourists. We Would like to pay only for Permits and Guide (english speaking) by agency.
We arrive to KTM airport 8th of October.
9th od October we wanna go to Tourist Agencies and arrange all pemits and documents
10th Oct wanna go by bus to Arughat Bazar.
11th Oct – we want to start trekking.

We would like have average speed of walking a bit faster but we are not runners 🙂

We also want to visit Tsum Valley and Manaslu BC.
We can also go with Your agency.

If You wanna join let us know.

Nata & Michal



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  1. Hi!
    How much agencies quote for a guide? Probably will see you on the trek)

  2. Hi guys!
    My name is Victor and I’m currently in Nepal for some trekking myself. I’ve done the Manaslu Circuit a couple of years ago, and to this day it is still the best trek I have ever done! So good choice!
    Unfortunately I cant trek in that period, but I would like to offer my assistance for any advice or similar. As for agencies I have been through alot of them and i might lead you in the right direction, as some agencies are actually experts in Manaslu while other agencies focus other routes. Please let me know if I can hel you!

    • Hi Victor! Thank you so much! We have close friend who was there in last year 😉 Therefore we wanna go to manaslu circuit! 😀

  3. Sounds good! Manaslu is definetly one of the most amazing treks in Nepal, in my opinion!
    If you would like to I will put you in contact with some very close friends of mine who actually grew up in Manaslu and are properly some of the most liked people up there as well! 😀
    What they can do for you, is that they know all the best trails, gets the best rooms at the best guesthouses as well as just being amazingly funny and open guys!
    I’ll be in Nepal during youre departure as well and I would be happy to meet you and help you guys with any questions and stuff. 🙂

    • Hi Victor! Mind sharing the contact with me as well? And when are you planning to do the trekking? I’m pretty flexible with dates as long as it’s in mid Oct. If that matches your plan we can perhaps do the trek together 🙂

  4. Hello Nata and Michal,
    I also like to do the Manaslu with Tsum Valley extension and looking for a group to join in. I am 35 years old, relaxed and easy going, have some trekking expericence on shorter tracks.
    I am already in Kathmandu and hike in the Kathmandu Valley these days. Regarding the dates I am pretty flexibel, but would like to start before October 15th.
    looking forward to hear from you!

  5. Hahaha it’s been me all along guys. Didn’t even know