Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hello!We are two persons and we plan to start our Manaslu trek on the 23rd of April (planned date of departure from Kathmandu to Arughat). We are planning to do the circuit and to spend 2-3 in Tsum Valley if we have enough time. Our dates are more or less flexible. We are opened if smb. wants to join us on this trek. We do have a guide. I have already been in Nepal before, for my friend it will be the first time. If smb. wants to join us – pls give me a note.



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  1. Dear Olga, I got the same plan but a few days earlier (I’m quite restrained by my flight schedule – unfortunately!!). However, you wrote you were flexible. So in case you were ready to leave a few days earlier, please let me know. I got to catch a transport back to Kathmandu on May 3 (from whereever basically)

    • Hi again, Frank! I think that may be we will be more flexible with the dates and may be we can start our trekking earlier. We will know for sure next week. And I will let you know.

  2. Hi Frank! Thanks for your reply! I am afraid that 18th is a bit too early for us. We are arriving on the 10th actually, but we are going to one tiny village in Lamjung where I was last year while shooting a documentary film. And we wanted to stay there for about a week and to get back to Kathmandu afterwards, 1 day rest and start afterwards…and we are staying in Nepal till the 17th of May

    • Hey there, if you decide to start earlier, please let me know.

  3. Hi Olga,
    I am looking for trekking partners to Manaslu, I would prefer to start a bit earlier than you, but my dates are quite flexible so I could adapt. I am currently in Nepal, and I might be in KTM around 10th so we could actually meet when you arrive.

    Take care,

    • Hi Michal! That sounds good for us. We are arriving to Ktm on the 9th and we could meet on the 10th or 11th. We are a bit flexible with the dates. Anyway we can meet each other and we`ll see? We are you staying in Kathmandu?I prefer to meet on 10th around afternoon.What do you think?

    • And regarding the guide – we do have a very good one booked for our dates!

    • Ok, that is great! 10th is perfect, late afternoon or evening preferably and we will see:) I am usually staying around Thamel, each time different place. From now until 10th i will be in one village near Dulikhel without internet connection, just in case you need to contact me, my nepali number is +9779813846946. I am counting with the meeting on 10th.
      Take care,

    • Hi! We do not have phone connection only Internet for a while. If you want to go with us you must contact the guide Narayan Bhandari today to make all the permits I sent you his number but I am sending it one more time just in case +9779804122775

  4. Hello Olga,

    I am interested in trekking around the 20th of April (arriving April 17th KTD, very jet lagged). My dates are very flexible too – I have lots of high altitude experience and high altitude mountaineering experience so anticipate no problems as long as acclimatization days are taken. (trekked Annapurna solo in addition to climbing)

    I’m interested in who you have for a guide and the approximate cost for the guiding service. Also, were you getting porters?

    I have no time constraints and wish to take my time trekking – which is what it sounds like you are doing.

    • Hi Brian! We are in Ktm already and we plan to start the trek on the 21st of April. We have Narayan Bhandari as a guide. We will probably have 1 porter. We do not want to be in a rush on the trek, rather would like to have enough time for photographing and etc.

  5. Hey Olga, I’m interested in this trek. I’m completely flexible. I can arrive in Kathmandu anytime. Would love to hear from you if you’re still looking for another person to join and split the cost!

    All best,

  6. Hey Olga, I’m very interested in this trek, and I’m completely flexible. I can arrive in Kathmandu anytime. Would love to hear from you if you’re still looking for another person to join and split the cost!

    All best,

    • Hi Duke!
      We want to start the trek on the 21st of April.
      There are 2 of us and probably one more person who is planning to join.where are you now? We are in Kathmandu, but to some village for a few days. We have a guide for Manaslu and me and my friend we have already arranged our permits. The third person – not yet. Pls let me know about your plans

    • Hey Olga,

      Unfortunately, my plans have changed and I won’t be in Nepal until Oct. at the earliest. I wish you the best in your travels!


  7. Hello Olga,
    What is the approximate cost of the trip? I will be arriving in KTM on April 17th and have loads of time for the trek.
    There was a major flood in the valley on the 9th. Has the trek been affected? Last I heard people were trapped in the valley with no way out.

  8. Hi olga
    I have been in Nepal the past months trekking Abc etc I’m living at begnus lake at the moment doing a private self practice vinyasa yoga. Your dates should suit me. Is it 2-3 weeks in total including Tsum?

    • Hi Otto! I have sent you a private message. Yes it’s 3 weeks including the Tsum. We are starting on the 21st. We have already arranged permits, if you want to join – pls let me know as it is obligatory with this trek to arrange permits before starting as it is a restricted area. Olga

  9. I am leaving tomorrow.. I want to trek alone… But I need a partner.. Since it’s not allowed.. Can I join you guys ??

  10. Please let me know :).. I leave to aarughat tomorrow.. I am at Pokhara now…