Manaslu Circuit Trek


Currently looking to trek the Manaslu Circuit in mid-October (approx. 14th) for c.16 days. Looking for a small group (or solo traveler) – who are similarly aged, open minded, English speaking, and all-round excellent travel companions who prefer conversation to constantly updating their ‘gap yah’ travel blog.

Look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,
James (30, UK)



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  1. Hey James, I am landing in Kathmandu at the 13.10 and planning to trek the manslu circuit. I am traveling alone, and hope to find a good partner (or small group) for the trek.

  2. Hi James, are you planing to start on 14th? Lior here is arriving on 13th, i am planning to arrive on 10th and i am really looking to start asap as being in Kathamndu is killing me after a few days 🙂
    If you want to start on 14th, you have to be in Ktm on 12th to sort out all matters with agency and get permits on 13th

  3. Hi James,

    I am 24, Indonesian based in Singapore. I’ll be traveling solo and would love to join you for the trek. I’ve traveled alone and trekked at places like India, USA, Australia and always loved connecting with like-minded people.

    I have not booked my flights so I’m pretty flexible with the dates.

    Which website are you using for this package? Would the cost reduce with more people?

    Hope to hear from you, thanks!

  4. Hi man, I’m looking to do the same. Whatsapp me on +447732511629