Manaslu Circuit Trek

Looking for trekkers who are game to do Manaslu in May of 2018! We’ll start May 14, 2018 and complete the circuit in 12 days.



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  1. sound Great !
    yes you can do it in 12 days
    My Name is Gam Bahadur Rai , I am a profetional Trekking guide if you need further information please contact me via Thank you !

  2. Hi Amber, Rob here a professional guide in the Annapurna region, now looking for an opportunity to trek Manaslu Circuit at just nominal wages. Have had lots of guest from USA who returned with a big smile on their face.

  3. I am doing trek at that time. I need someone to share the permit with as min of 2 people. I have a guide. Please let me know if you are interested in sharing the permit. we dont have to actually share the trek!

  4. Hi Jackie, I am ready to start (get permits etc.) after Mar/12, coming from Pokhara back to ktm. So if you ate still looking for partners(s) for manaslu – I could be it ( did Everest bc two years ago, feel still fit). Do you have contacted/decided a guide for arranging permits?

  5. Ahm sorry, I mean Amber…. (not Jackie)

  6. Tashi delek
    Its me lhakpa frofrom Manaslu region Sama village below mt Manaslu 8163m .if you guys are interested to trek with local guide. Lets me know and contact me below email lhakpal301

  7. Hi Amber,

    I am not certain if you’re still looking for someone to do the trek with, if it’s done in 12 days I am totally game for it! Please let me know as I am looking for a small group/a person to join with.

    Warm regards,


    • Hi Ali!

      We’re leaving May 21 and returning June 1. We already have a guide. If you’re interested, let me know and I get you all the details. 🙂

  8. Hi Amber
    Grant here from New Zealand
    I have just come against this problem myself – I need a partner for the permit
    I am already organised for Dual Manaslu – Annapurna trek, departing Kathmandu May 12
    I have a Sherpa guide with huge experience – has summitted many peaks, many times and totally endorsed by a man that works for me who has many first assents in NZ and has climbed many times in Nepal with many of the best climbers in the world.
    I am not worried about the $ happy to share this guide at no cost to you
    I am doing tea house accommodation and have a porter organised but does not really matter as just need someone to get the permit – I have already done Everest base camp, KongmaLa and Cho La
    Please let me know if this may work for you

    • Hi Grant,

      I already have a guide that’s paid for. See you on the trail maybe! 🙂

  9. Hi all, want to do Manaslu Trek in time between 23 Sept – 11 Oct. 2019. I am looking for someone to share the permit with. I think I will go without a guide but would share a guide if not expensive. Did the Annapurna Circuit Trek in 2017 by myself, was absolutely beautiful, no problems there.