Manaslu Circuit Trek

I am Vasiliki for Greece.
I already live in Kathmandu for 4 months and i just did the Langtang trek the last month!
So i am looking for partners to do the Manaslu circuit trek,
may the tsum valley also, because is more quiet and unspoiled.
I am not an experienced hiker but i am always enthusiastic and i like long diastances.

So anybody that want to join can send me here, i dont care about long silence moments

just a smile 🙂




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  1. Hey vasiliki, how are you doing im in Kathmandu from Kathmandu. Im a professional photographer and licensed guide. If you are still sure about the trek id love to join also if you wanna hire a guide lemme know since if can manage to join you won’t be needing a guide

  2. You can contact me vai Viber or WhatsApp or Facebook +9779823498293

  3. Hi Vasiliki. How are you? Cool to hear that you did the Langtang Trek. Heard many good things about this trek. I would also be keen to do the Manaslu Circuit Trek as it seems a beautiful trek and indeed not that crowded. Are you still looking for a hiking partner? I’ll arrive in Kathmandu on the 1st of May and would be happy to start hiking soon after!

  4. Hello Iris! Yes i am still looking for patners and i would really love to do the manaslu trek! Are u in?

  5. Yes! Yes! Yes! That is great. I’ll send you a quick message via mail so we can organise ourselves. Would be great to do the trek together!

  6. Hi Vasili, Hi Iris,
    how are your plans – already fixed? When do you start to Manaslu – soon? I will arrive on 05. May KTM. I think about Langtang or Manaslu. Is a guide for Manaslu Circuit an MUST?

    • Hi Michel. Good to hear from you! I’ll arrive in Kathmandu tomorrow and will be meeting with Vasiliki to organise ourselves. Options are still open: the Manaslu Circuit Trek or the Langtang Valley Trek (maybe combined with the Tamang Heritage Trek) or a totally different trek. Just send me an email with your preferences and ideas and I’ll keep you updated!

    • Hi Iris. Thanks for your reply. My favorite at the moment is the Langtang area, because it is close to KTM. But Vasiliki already did it. But Manaslu is also interesting of course – but we need a guide for this area I guess. In case you and Vasiliki will do the Manaslu I can recommend a guide/trekking company I walked with to ABC (it was my only trek with a guide – normally I walk by myself). So, I hope you just arrived good in KTM. However. let me know when you have decided anything. regards!