Manaslu Circuit Trek


I’m very keen on hiking the Manaslu Trek in April/May this year.

I’m currently booked on a trek starting on the 27th April until the 10th May, but if there is anyone interested in joining, or looking for a tour around this time, I’d be really keen on getting together and figuring something out.

Obviously we need a guide for this trek, so it is a little more expensive than say the Annapurna Circuit, but I’m very flexible on my budget. I arrive in Kathmandu on the 20th April, and not leaving until the 11th May, so I’m quite flexible up until then.

If anyone is interested, please let me know and maybe we can figure something out!



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  1. hey bud. im thinking similar plans, also wanting to head into the tsum valley as well as a side trip, making the trip around 21ish days in total. im in nz atm but was planning on heading to kathmandu around 20th april. let me know your thoughts and we could sort out a guide!
    cheers Ollie.

    • Hi Ollie,

      Thanks for the message. I actually noticed your trip, but I didn’t contact you since you’re wanting to do the Tsum Valley as well. Can you do it separately to this? I know with Manaslu trek you need 2 people so is this the same with Tsum Valley?

      I’m currently booked on a trek with Green Valley Nepal, but for the right trip I would be interested in changing….. What sort off budget are you looking at?

      Let me know you’re thoughts!