Manaslu Circuit Trek


my name is Fabian, im currently in New Zealand and gonna arrive in Nepal beginning of May.
I really would like to do this trek as I heard that its supposed to be really beatiful and not to crowded only problem is im travelling alone and you need to be atleast two.
I didnt plan to much yet so If you were thinking about doing the trek as well, contact me and we can plan the trip together.
Save travels!



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  1. Hey Fabian! I’m also looking to do Manaslu, but probably don’t want to start quite as late as May 17. If you can possibly start a bit earlier… around May 5/6 let me know! I’m currently on the EBC trek and will be hitting Kongma La, Kala Patthar, Cho La Pass, and Gokyo Ri…so should be pretty well acclimated. I don’t mind going at a slower pace though as long as it’s fairly steady! Let me know:)

    • I’m arriving at the 6th so we could probably start a few days after that.
      Would that be okay for you?

    • Hello! Have you put together a plan for the Manaslu trek yet? I would like to join your group if at all possible. I’ll be back in Kathmandu at the beginning of May and am flexible with dates. Let me know what your plan is!

  2. I’ll let you know! I’m finishing up Everest region a lot earlier than planned due to bad weather, so might try to get Manaslu started a bit sooner than I originally planned.

    • Is there still room for one more person in your group? I’d love to join in if possible to split costs/swap stories and what not. Let me know if this would work out.

  3. Hi! as you arrive earlier, it would be so nice of yours to suggest permits & sharing costs as per your enquiry.

  4. Hi Fabian! I will arrive in Nepal on the 1st of May and would love to do the Manaslu Circuit Trek too! Are you still looking for a hiking partner? Would be happy to join and help planning the trip!

    • Hi Iris,

      im still looking for a trekking partner yes!
      I didnt do much planning till now so it would be great if you want to help planning.
      If you want you contact me on my email or phone maybe that would be easier to do some organisation and stuff like that!

  5. Hey everyone – Are you still looking for a hiking partner? I’d love to join starting. I’ll be reaching Katmandu on 4th May and am flexible with dates