Manaslu Circuit Trek

i am heading to Nepal for Manaslu trekking of 16 days . i am thinkng to start trekking in 1 st week of october. but if some like minded people want to join i am open and flexible for date. i am talking to one local agency of kathmandu they offer me a nice price with guides . i already did annapurna trekking in nepal. if anyone want to join i am open for discussion because if we are more people it will decrease the cost.



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  1. Hello Jacia,

    I am interested in joining you for Manaslu circuit trek. I was thinking to start trekking around october 13, but I am also flexible as I have not bought a plane ticket yet.

    I have also been talking to a guide in Kathmandu, and found someone that I think will be really good. I just need a trekking partner since the minimum group size is 2 for Manaslu.

    I do lots of hikes in the US but this will be my first trip to Nepal. I am very excited!

    Kelly Jo

  2. Perhaps I can join as well, I am an experienced trekker. How long in advance do you have to be sure about the trip details?

  3. Hola!
    a start week later would be great 🙂

  4. Hi all,

    Are you still looking for trekking partners for Mansalu? I’m an experienced Solo trekker and I’ll be arriving into Kathmandu on October 1st.


  5. Hi my name is James, I’m loooking to join a manaslu group. In Pokhara at the moment.