Manaslu Circuit Trek


I am planning on trekking the Manaslu Trek with the Tsum Valley, according to an itinerary similar to this one:

I plan on hiring a guide and staying in tea houses along the way. I do not plan on hiring a porter, but I would be open to sharing the costs if a trekking partner would like to hire one.

I will be arriving in Nepal on April 15, but my timing is flexible. I would like a day or two to explore KTM and rent some gear.

I am an easygoing person who is interested in a peaceful and meditative trek through the Himalayas. I am attracted to the Tsum Valley trek for the Tibetan culture.

This trek will take place in month two of a five-month backpacking journey across India, Nepal and Southeast Asia. Come August, I will return to the States to start medical school.



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  1. Hey Leo,

    I’m looking to do something very similar to yours and would be up to share a guide. Are you still looking for a group?


    • Hi Sandy,

      I am still looking for a group, and am open to anything at this point!

      Do you have a rough timeline that you’re hoping to follow?


  2. Hi !
    I am flying in on the 10th of April and flying out on the 15th of May.
    I have a flexible program.
    I’ve been unable to decide on which trek.
    I’ve narrowed down to
    Upper mustang
    Mansalu and tsum
    Gokyo ri and gokyo lakes
    I wanted to fit in two two-week treks from the above…

    Your plan looks interesting but 22 days would not give me time for gokyo lakes.. I am arriving on the 10th and in error open to suggestions. I need a guide and no porters.
    Let me know if you’re open to optiona

    • Hi Nikhil,

      Wow, the Gokyo lakes looks amazing. I would definitely be interested in trekking that, too.

      I am not sure if it is possible to do Manaslu, with the Tsum Valley, in two weeks. Have you heard of people doing it in this short of time? In most blogs I have read, 20 days seems to be the average time it takes.

      Unfortunately, I cannot arrive sooner than the 15th, but would be very interested in sharing a guide with you for the Manaslu tsum trek, and the Gokyo lakes.

      Let me know if you want to continue the conversation over email!

      Thanks, Nikhil.


  3. Leo –

    I’m really interested in the Manaslu route; Tsum Valley if I have time. I need to meet a friend on May 12 and am looking to buy a flight into KTM/Pokhara on 4/13 in order to stock up on some gear and find a guide. Everywhere I’ve read puts Manaslu/Tsum Valley at 20 days minimum.

    When are you heading in. Have you decided?


    • I will be arriving on the 15th.

      What’s your email, Sandy?

    • My email is sandykyin at gmail.
      Frank said his is frank.trepte -at- gmail -dot- com.

      Do you think you can start a dialog with all of us on email to lay out rough logistics? Thank you!

  4. Hi Leo,

    I’m really interested in doing the same trek and my timing seems like it would line up with mine. I’m planning on spending a couple months in Nepal and will probably arrive early to mid April. Are you still looking for more members?

  5. Hi Leo,
    I am staying in Nepal for few months and Manaslu circuit is one of the treks I would love to do roughly in the same dates as you. If you are still looking for members, we could meet in Kathmandu when you arrive.

    Take care,

  6. Hi Leo!

    I’m very interested in doing this same trek and sharing costs. Unfortunately I arrive on the 18th but I would be down to leave as soon as possible following landing. Is there any room left in your group or do you think the timing might work out?