Manaslu Circuit Trek 13 days

Hey guys!

I’m planning to arrive in Nepal around September 20th to 24th after backpacking in India. As I’d like to avoid the crowded Annapurna or Everest trek, I’m planning to do the Manaslu trek in around 13 days (+/-1).

I am physically very fit and go hiking and climbing a lot in the Austrian Alps, but have never been to Nepal before. I’d like to share a guide and walk in group of around 2-5 people. If you’re interested in joining me at the end of September, feel free to comment 🙂

See you soon!




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  1. Hi Andrea! I could be interested. I am already in Nepal and looking for partner to go on trekking. But it is not clear whether your want to go on August or September. Please tell me. I will be in Nepal until the end of September.