Manaslu Circuit Trek


I am travelling with my girlfriend and we will arrive in Katmandou on April 4th. We would like to hike the Manaslu circuit trek as soon as we complete the necessary paper work in Katmandou. We are looking for partners to share the price of a guide (we don’t have a guide at the moment), and permits if possible. We will not hire a porter for ourselves.

We are fit hikers and we don’t mind long days, but we only have limited experience in high altitude and would prefer to plan some acclimatization days. We are also planning on continuing on the Annapurna circuit. Please let us know if your are interested in joining us and let us know if you have any suggestions!

Timothy and Bridget, Montreal, Canada



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  1. Hi,

    i was in the Manaslu-Tsum valley thread and originally planned to hike with that group. I recently decided based on plane flights to do a 14 day manaslu only route. I also arrive on the 4th with hopes of starting on the 6th after obtaining permits. I am in touch with the company that was 495 for 4 people but they haven’t gotten back to me yet because I am solo at this point. What were your plans?

    • Hi,
      Our plans are very similar to yours. Arrive on the fourth and leave on the 6th. We only got in touch with one company at the moment but we got a price for 2 that was too high for us. We would definitely be interested in hiking with you. Do you know what is included in the 495$?
      We would continue on the Annapurna circuit after the Manaslu. We don’t have a clear plan for the trek. 14 days seems to be normal, but we were considering adding an extra acclimatization day if needed.
      Let us know what you think!

  2. Hi! I’m also arriving in Kathmandu in the afternoon on April 4 but haven’t decided yet what I want. I have about 2 weeks max – leaving from Kathmandu already on April 20. Strongly considering the Everest Base Camp trek (maybe it’s the only time in Nepal and would be nice to see the highest mountain in the world so closely…) or perhaps Manaslu (more different cultures and landscape colours). Do you know anything about the possible guide prices for now? I’m travelling solo and would like to get a physical challenge but definitely not too touristy experience. I’m not too fit, to be honest, but that’s why it (whichever trek I’ll choose) will be a challenge.

  3. Hello Timothy
    I am also trekking manaslu and continuing to Annapurna circuit . I am in Kathmandu right now arranging permits with my agent and looking for partner for permits.
    I can split cost of guide with you. Let me know asap if you still want to do this as I am leaving tomorrow for another trek.
    All the best

  4. Hi. I’m also arriving to Kathmandu on April 4th and want to do this trek.

    I have done several multi day high altitude treks: 3 in India and 1 in Nepal – The Annapurna Circuit actually.

    If you are on whatsapp you can message me on +353 86 2480819. Otherwise you can reply here

    Namaste 🙂

  5. Hi! I just found this website today and I’m trying to share a porter with someone. I have pretty flexible dates…I just leave on May 1st. I originally wanted to do Tsum Valley as well but could be open to Annapurna circuit

    • Sorry looking to share a guide with someone…