Manaslu Circuit Trek

I’ll be in Kathmandu on April 1. Planning on doing the Manaslu Circuit Trek starting around April 2nd-4th. Need to be back in Kathmandu on April 21. I’m a 48 year old from Sweden. I think I would like to have a porter guide, but can share a porter if you would like to. Used to trekking. Open to suggestions or just sharing of permit/guide.



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  1. Hi Fred, I’m Anja, a 26YO from Australia. I too am planning to trek the Manaslu circuit starting at the beginning of April.
    I’m looking to find a buddy or small group to share a guide. Not so interested in hiring Porters. My flight home is on the 18th April so would need to get going by the 2nd April at the latest I think 🙂
    Let me know if you’re interested and we can team up!

    • Hi guys, I am looking for companion to share the permit too. Thinking of starting the Manaslu circuit from 1st Apr and continue APC. If this suits anybody we could discuss with an agency in KTM. I will be in Ktm on 30.03 and hope to process docs 30/31.03 With best regards Padam

  2. Hi Anja!
    I’ll arrive at Kathmandu (Thamel) about 4 pm on April 1. If possible to get permit and guide before noon on April 2, that would work for me. I was planning on going directly to Soti Khola and thus save some time. But I haven’t checked when buses leave for Arughat. Ideally for me I’d get a porter guide who can carry a few things, but I may get a porter. I’m fine with beeing back i Kathmando on the 17th, but may choose to go to Pokhara after the trek. When will you arrive?
    Please let me know how this sounds to you.

  3. Hi there. I am in Nepal at the moment and are also thinking of doing the Manaslu since it is one of the only major walks here I haven’t done yet.
    I am a 23 year old danish guy who enjoys hiking. Normally I go alone but the circumstances are a little different for the restricted areas. Luckily I enjoy company. Both the talks but also the shared silence in the mountains.
    Hope to hear from you

    • Hi,
      I arrive in KTM on the 30. of March and I’m going to do the Manaslu Circuit with Tsum. I’m looking for somebody to share only the permit with, I already have a guide. Are you interested?

  4. Hi Søren!
    Sounds good to me. I’ll arrive in KTM April 1:th. If you want to arrange with a guide in advance, maybe we can get going on April 2:nd. If not I guess we may be able to start on April 3:rd. (I don’t know if you can get the permits all days of the week). When younger I traveled a lot by my self like you seem to do. So I’m comfortable with both long silence and nice conversations. I need to be back in KTM by April 20th which means I’m open to making side trips. I would like to hire a porter guide who can carry some of my gear. How does this sound to you?

    • Hello guys, I am arriving at the 1st of April in Kathmandu and want to start as soon as possible the Manaslu Circuit trek. Maybe we can plan to go together? Let me know. Best Steffi

  5. Hey everyone,
    Are you all still keen to do the Manaslu hike? I am in Kathmandu at the moment and very much hoping to set off on the Manaslu trek in the next few days. I fly out on the 18th of April so would need to be back in KTM on the 17th. I would love to include some side trips if time allows! I’m easy going, pretty fit and comfortable with silence or chatting. Looking forward to hearing where you guys are at with the planning! Anja