Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hello fellow trekkers
I’m planning a trek of the Manaslu Circuit including Tsum valley in late March. Ideally looking for 1-3 extra people to join me to share the cost of a guide. My planned date of departure is March 27 and I estimate that the trip will be 20 days maximum. However this itinerary has some wiggle room – I could start a day or two earlier/later or could shorten/lengthen the time spent on the trail by a couple of days.
I’m in Nepal from Feb 21 – April 19. I’m a 40-year-old male from Australia and this upcoming trip will be my fifth to Nepal. This will however be my first Manaslu trek. Look forward to hearing from anyone whose interests and time frame align with my own.
Cheers, Mark



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  1. Hi Mark – your plan sounds pretty in sync with mine. I’m a 25 year old Canadian, lots of trekking/backcountry experience, who will be in Nepal from Feb 26 to April 30. Looking to start Manaslu mid-March but I am flexible on that. Any chance you could move your start date up a bit?


    • Hey Richard.
      I’ve made rough plans in Nepal from mid-Feb to March 25. I’d be able to start trekking on the 25th at the absolute earliest. If that works for you I’d definitely be interested in organising something together.
      Thanks mate, Mark

  2. Hey Guys,

    Manaslu + Tsum Valley is what i am planning to do as well. I am a 26 year old German guy and this will be my first time in Nepal. Touchdown in Kathmandu will be on the 23rd of March. A good starting date for me would be the 25th.

    Cheers from Germany,

    • Hey Lasse.
      Yeah i definitely think we should organise something together. The question from here is how?? I’m catching the bus from back from Pokhara on March 25, so I guess we can meet in Kathmandu that evening, arrange what we need to, then leave the next day or the 27.
      I’m leaving for Nepal today (Feb 20) so I can start getting an idea of prices and schedules for a guide that suit us both. I’ll message you my email address and we’ll work out the details there.
      Cheers, Mark

  3. Hey Lasse.
    I’ve made rough plans in Nepal from mid-Feb to March 25. Starting on the 25th is possible – but I’ll be coming from Pokhara and the Annapurna region. It’s hard at the moment to give an exact date when I’d return to Kathmandu. If you are locked in for starting on the 25th then I would do my best to aim for that day. Otherwise if you have an extra day it could be the 26th.
    If that works for you I’d definitely be interested in organising something together.
    Thanks mate, Mark

    • I am not fixed on the 25th. So 26th is totally fine as well. Beginning of April would be a bit late for me. But anything else works!

  4. Hey guys,

    Anytime around the end of March works for me. I’ll be doing a work exchange near BeniGhat, about 80km west of Kathmandu, from late Feb onward. My host sounds pretty connected in the trekking community so I hope to mine him for information re Manaslu. If I get restless before our start date I may move to another work exchange or do a shorter trek. I presume we’ll need to meet in Kathmandu?

    One other thing: Mark, can you share the itinerary you are considering? I know the circuit can be completed in less time than 20 days…is the 20 days to accomodate side trips, a slower pace, etc? I’d be interested in discussing.


    • Hey Richard,

      The 20 days was a rough estimate, I’d be happy to do the trek in less time. I was factoring in a side trip to Tsum Valley, but apart from that the day-to-day itinerary as this point is flexible.
      March 26 or 27 seem like the most likely starting dates and I’m flying out of Kathmandu on April 19 so anything between that we can work with.
      I’ll message you my email address and we can go from there.
      Cheers mate, Mark

  5. So Lasse, you good with a March 26th start date? Should we start tentatively planning for that? If so, what’s your email address? Sounds like Mark may already be on the trail and will be out of touch for a few weeks, but if we get an email thread going we can start working out the bigger details. I’ve got his email.

    • Hey Richard,
      i have send you a message with my email address. So you can start that email thread.
      Starting our trek at around the 26th is perfect for me!

  6. Hey guys, I just discovered while reading up on Manaslu. I’m currently in China but my visa is expiring at the end of March, so I just bought the flight ticket for my next stop to KTM on the 25th. I’ll be arriving before noon.

    Am I too late to join up with you guys? I totally understand if you prefer the smaller group, but the timing seemed right so I thought I’d ask. I’m backpacking but have a pretty comfy budget, which is nice since I haven’t been on a trek this long before and I’m not sure how much all the prerequisites will add up to.

    Who am I? A 21- soon to be 22-year old guy from northern Sweden. I live for good scenery, and therefore prioritize my journey accordingly to where the vistas are. Like I said, I haven’t been trekking for this long before, but I’d like to claim that I’m in fairly(weightlifting since 15,MMA,grappling,soccer,etc) good shape.

    I am an open minded, outgoing guy and have had an easy time making friends and acquaintances along the road.


  7. Dear all, I was looking for trekkings partners for Manaslu as well, look at my chat as well. The 26th.or 27th. as starting day would be ideal for me. Is there anything concret planning which I could join?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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