Manaslu Circuit Trek

Planning to do the Manaslu circuit this year starting late march early April and looking for a great trekking buddy as you need 2 people to trek this area.
I’ve previously trekked the abc and Everest area in 2014 (see bio).
I’m flexible with dates and times for the trek.
If you are interested please get in touch with me.

Connie (Perth Western Australia)



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  1. Hi Connie, Did you find anyone to trek with? If you’re still planning on doing the Manaslu Circuit then I’m very interested and I’m flexible with dates. Have you read about the Tsum Valley? It sounds awesome! Do you have time and would you be interested in doing it as a side trip? Juliet

  2. Hi Connie & Juliet, We have single Canadian client (female) conformed client wanted to trek Manaslu Circuit trek date between April 12 to 16 – 2017. For trek to Manaslu will need minimum 2 trekkers to get Special permits so we also seeking another person to get permits. If this date is flexible for you please let us know. (Himal Tamang)

  3. Hi Himal, mid April is a bit late for me. If you and your client are interested in going earlier in mid-late March and doing the Tsum Valley as well as Manaslu then I’d be interested. Best wishes, Juliet

  4. Hello Connie. I’m extremely interested in the Manaslu circuit also. I arrive in Nepal Feb 21 and leave April 19. Starting the trek anywhere between March 26-30 would be possible for me. My name is Mark, I’m from Australia, I’m 40 years old and this will be my fifth visit to Nepal. Please get in touch if you’re still looking for a trekking mate

  5. Hi friends – any action on this? I’m a 25 year old Canadian, lots of trekking/backcountry experience, who will be in Nepal from Feb 26 to April 30. Looking to start Manaslu mid-March but I am flexible on that. I’m also game to tack on a few extra days for sidetrips. Please get in touch if you need a buddy!


  6. Hello all,

    i will arrive at KTM on 4th of april and i wanna do the Manaslu Circuit as well….but with the Tsum Valley. It will need around 22 day. When nothing is fixed now…we can do it together?! I have one offer about 1400USD (1 guide, 1 porter, food, also sleepingbags…).

    So, let me know if you are interested.


  7. Hi Marcel and Richard, I’m planning doing the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley with two others (found on this site) over 20 days starting 1st or 2nd April. If you’re interested you’re more than welcome to join us. We’re using a local guide recommended by The price is 495USD for permits, guide, accommodation and private transport, which seems like a fair price. We’re planning it over facebook so I can add you to the group if you’re interested. 🙂

    • Hey, could you add me to the Facebook group? This sounds great!

  8. Most of the threads are quiet, but seems that most of the people are going in early april. I’m however planning the Manaslu Trek somewhere between 21.03. -06.04 as i have some free time then. I’ve been working in Nepal as a trekking guide for the last three trekking seasons with finnish speaking groups so experienced in that regard. I’ll arrive to KTM 11.03. Hit me up if somebody has matching plans.

    26 years

    • I get to Kathmandu on the 17/3 would be interested in starting Manaslu around 19/3 if those dates are any good for people.


  9. Hey Tatu and Tony, I’d be interested in doing the trek at the similar times. Please PM me if you want to team up.