Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi everybody!

I am Mario from Spain, I’m 32 and I am looking for some trek partners to start the Manaslu hike one of these days (between 21st and 24th of March).

I’m very used to mountains (I live very close to the Pyrenees) and I’ve done some demanding hikes before.

Usually I wouldn’t need a porter, but a month ago I cracked a little bit one of my ribs, and several-kilos backpacks are still not happily welcome by it ;P

It would be nice to join forces with someone. I know a local agency which was highly recommended by a professional mountain guide friend I have in Spain. The total cost (guide+porter+accomodation+all permits+local transport) would be around 500 USD per person.

Looking forward to hearing from someone interested in the plan!




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  1. Hi Mario,
    Is this still on? Is March 26-28 too late to start? 31 yr old Canadian travelling solo interested in the Manaslu circuit, need a trekking buddy for the permit (and the chat!).

    Let me know if this is still on and I will get in touch with more details.

    • Hi George!
      Yes, yes, it is still on. Actually, I’ve posted it only a few hours ago 😉
      The latest I could start would be the 23rd or 24th because my flight leaves the 8th of April and otherwise maths just wouldn’t work, hehehe 😉
      Looking forward to hearing from you!

  2. Hi Mario / George

    I fly in on 22nd and would be keen to join one or both of you. Male 53 slow steady and experienced Nepal Trekker,

  3. Hello both of you!
    I’ve read that you arrive the 22nd and 23rd of March. I think for me then it would be too late because we would have to start around the 25th and I’m leaving Nepal the 8th of April…

    I’m also star. ting to think about different possibilities: Lantang, Goisankund, Helambu…

  4. I arrive on Thurs 23d early evning and will need at least two days to sort out the gear/arrangements, etc.

    I think the earliest I would be ready to leave KTM would be 26/27. Obviously this is a bit too late for your flight. 🙁

    I am also looking at other options, would strongly prefer Manaslu, tho.

  5. They have just told me that yesterday it snowed quite a lot in Manaslu and that people doing the Trek had to come back because it is not possible to go anywhere above 4009m :O

    I’ll probably change to lantang, goisankund, helambu… Hehehe

  6. Too much snow? shhiiiiiiii…

    I will start looking around elsewhere. Wonder if it will still be possible later? I like the look of Manaslu because there is a wide variety of elevations… I enjoy the forested regions before getting too high up.

    Ultimately I’m still flexible on destination. I think Helambu and Langtang are both somewhat high up, I’d like to see the rhododendrons etc. Annapurna sanctuary perhaps? Can do it independently or with porter cum-guide.

  7. Lantang Trek also goes through rododendro and Bamboo forest, it goes from 1600m to 5000m.
    My problem is my departure date, that’s why I cannot wait for Manaslu (but lantang hikes are shorter, so i can start later)
    I’ll try to make up my mind today talking to the agencies and then I’ll post here what I’ll do in case you are interested 😉

  8. Hello!! I’m finally doing LANTANG-GOISAKUND in 13 DAYS, you can read the planning here:

    It’s 16-days there but as you can see the first two days and the final day do not exist, so 13 days in total 😉

    I have arranged with a guide and I’m doing it for 730$ including:
    -local transport from and to kathmandu first and final days
    -guide expenses
    -accommodation in tea houses
    -3 meals a day to choose freely from tea houses menus (plus infinite tea supplies)

    I am leaving on SATURDAY THE 25th, if anybody is interested on joining me, it would be great and price would be a little be cheaper 😀