Manaslu Circuit Trek


Two of us are looking for fellow travelers to join us for a Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley trek. Our timings are flexible, but we’d ideally like to start in the next couple days to coincide with the new moon (for photography purposes, not for auspicious reasons). We’re also flexible with the duration and route, but have calculated 22 days for the trip. We don’t want to go with a large group. Say 4-5 people max, better 3-4.

We’d appreciate any information on finding a guide and how much money to budget for the trip. We want to travel independently (save for the required guide). Trying to do the trek for as cheap as possible.

A little about us, I’m from the US and the other guy is Dutch. We met in a hostel and Kathmandu and were drawn to Manaslu as it sounded like a less touristy and more cultural experience. We’re still in Kathmandu, and will be here for at least today, if you are in the area and want to meet up!

Look forward to hearing from you, thanks!




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