Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hi everybody,

my name is Josef and I plan Manaslu and Annapurna trek.

Will we in KTM 15th November in the evening.
I would like to start Manaslu trek from 16th but better from 17th November.

I travel alone, so looking for someone to share permit and guide.
I read we can walk at least in group of two and hire guide for this tipe of trek.

I have experience from this March (Everest base camp + three passes) and from Europien mountains.

My facebook:

If anybody looking for partner, let me know, please.

Take care. Josef.

Czech Republic


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  1. Hey Josef,

    I am also looking to trek Manaslu from the 17th of November. I get to Kathmandu on the 15th.

    I am interested in the 22 day trek including Tsum Valley.

    Let me know if you’re interested in this?



    • Hi Luke.
      Thank you for reply.
      I was already in Nepal this March and did EVEREST BASE CAMP + THREE PASSES.
      All by myself and all stuff on my back.

      This autumn planning Manaslu + Annapurna trek (including all passes and both base camps).

      I read that gor Manaslu need travel at least of two and pay for registered guide.

      So it would be nice, if we travel together.

      Right now, I am on my last training till 4. 11.
      So I am not to often online.

      Did you already plan something?
      Last time I bought maps for Manaslu & Annapurna circuit trek, so I already study something.
      But if I compared it with Everest trek, map I enough and we can just follow path.

      Send me your reply directly to my private email:

      Under this email, you can find me on FB as well.

      From 4.11. I will be fully online and we can finished all.

      Take care, Josef.

  2. hello luke, i have sent an email to you regarding the trek

  3. Hey guys!

    Just arrived in Kathmandu and planning to complete manaslu trek as well. Traveling alone and looking for some partners. A little about me, Canadian/German with plenty of hiking experience. High altitude experience up to 5000m hiking in Ecaudor. Love doing things a little off the beaten path so I think this hike will be epic.