Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hey all!

My wife and I are planning to start the trek between 3/28-4/1. We’re hoping to find some trekking partners to split the cost of the guide. We’re both fit and don’t see ourselves hiring porters – we’d also like to do the trek in around 14 days, so that we’ll be able to get back to Kathmandu in time for the Nepalese New Year’s celebrations.

I’m from New York, but have been living for the last three years in Japan with my wife (she’s Japanese but speaks English fluently). We’re hoping to meet some fellow travelers and share this experience.

Hope to hear from you – cheers!



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  1. .I Casey,
    I plan to do the Manaslu trek with guide only at the same time as you and your wife. ( I could start from 23 march already ). I plan to combine it with the Tsum valley. I have contacted a guide here in Kathmandu who is from the Tsum valley and I wish to do the trek with his agency. We Also discussied about the possiblity to extendable the trek of some days when a place is really Nice and Woth explosief the surroundings. In this case, i don t have a fixedd number of days when doing the trek. I don t know for you…
    I m an experienced trekker, fit, normaly trekking alone. But in the case of the Manaslu/ Tsum I m looking for one or to more people to do it together.
    I hope to hear from you and maybe we ll meet here later in kathmandu,
    Kind regards, Sev

    • Hi Sev,

      Thanks, nice to hear from you. It sounds like your plan to extend the trek and visit the Tsum Valley will put at a 20 day itinerary. At the moment though, my wife and I are motivated to make it back to Kathmandu for the New Year’s celebrations, which happen on the weekend of 4/14-4/15. So as of now, our schedules might not be compatible with yours.

      We’re planning to arrive in Kathmandu on 3/27, stay in Thamel for a few days to sort out permits and meet our guide, then leave when we can get a bus to Soti Khola, sometime between 3/29-4/1. That seems a bit late for you too, if you can leave by 3/23.

      If your plans change, please send me a message and then maybe we can talk in person.

      Safe travels!

  2. Hi Casey,

    I’m also hoping to Manaslu Circuit starting in the first week of April, joining up with another couple of trekkers and keeping things reasonably low budget.

    I’m 29 and from Ireland, and have been living in SE Asia for several years. This will be my first high altitude trek, but I’m reasonably fit and plan to be careful so as to acclimatize properly.

    I notice that you would like to finish the trek in time for Nepali New Year, which is on the 14th, and so starting any later than April 1st will probably mean that won’t be possible. However, if you do decide to start between 3-4 April I would be quite interested to join you.

    Hope to hear from you.


    • Hi Niall,

      It sounds like we’re on the same page, as far as keeping a reasonable budget and joining up with a few other folks. Like you’ve already mentioned though, it might be tough to leave after the 1st and finish in time for the New Year.

      It’ll be our first high altitude trek as well, so we’re erring on the cautious side and planning on the 14 trek itinerary +/- a day or two if we need the rest.

      It’s too bad that our starting dates don’t quite seem to match, but I’ll be sure to send you a message on here if our plans end up changing.


  3. Hi Casey!!

    My name is Milos. Iam currently in katmandu and about to do the langtang trek and will be back around the 24th of March so this might work out.

    Ive heard some great hong about tsum valley so it might be an idea to include this as well.This will also be my first high altitude hike but at the same time Iam quite fit.