Manaslu Circuit Trek

hi i’m planning a trip to nepal in early april (1st or 2nd).
My name is David, i’m an experienced hiker and did 2 other treks during the last year.
i’m 31 years old and always happy to meet open minded people.

I was looking to do the manaslu circuit of 17 to 23 days and am hoping to form a small group of 2 to 4 person but no more than that.
It would be for the first week of april.

i’m still wondering if i should book before or on site (would have saved a lot of money, on site, in peru last year), so if you have experience on that subject feel free to share it!




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  1. Hi David, I plan on doing any of the trails in February. I’ve been to Nepal twice and the last time I was there (Which was in February this year), I did EBC trek without a guide or porter and prefer to do the same. Let me know if we can string something, would be interesting!


  2. Hi Abi,
    Cool! i asked a company if it was possible to climb the high passes in the manaslu circuit during mid-february.
    i’m willing to move my trekking dates according to when the circuit will be fully open.
    So i should have more information on that subject within a few days.

    I would love to do it without a guide too, but it is mandatory to hire a guide to do the manaslu circuit.
    I won’t be hiring a porter.

    what are your available dates ?
    i was also wondering if it would be better to simply just show up at a trekking office at kathmandu and book something there.
    What’s your opinion on that subject?

  3. Ah, such a shame that we can’t do a solo trek. I’m looking at February as that’s the only time I can get days off (Desk job, sigh) True, I think showing up at a trekking office will surely get us a much better deal.

  4. indeed!
    ok february would work for me too, i was actually planning on leaving at the beginning of the month, but i’m not sure if all the tea houses are open or if you can hike the higher passes.
    here’s the answer from the guide i’m in touch:
    “It can be done in mid-February but there can be huge pile of snow at the Larkya La pass and might get difficult to cross”

    therefore i wouldn’t mind leaving a few weeks later (end of february or beginning of march) if that would give me the full manaslu experience.
    pretty sure too we can get a better deal on site!
    i just don’t want to be stuck with a huge group, i’m sure you understand why if you’ve solo trekked before.

  5. February is not predictable at the high passes in my opinion. The himalayan regions have been witnessing some shift in weather pattern. I am planning to go but would prefer second half of march. Agency in KTM would be best to get info. Pls recommend names of agencies you may know for inquiry or support. Regards

  6. yes february is now out of the question, i was planning on starting the trek on march 2nd – 3rd.
    mid march would be too late for me.

    don’t know any agencies, i currently in touch with someone on the kimkim website.
    plus there seems to be a few good price here:

    still think it would be better to book on site, that would allow negotiation on the price

  7. Hi David– I am also planning on doing this hike the first part of March. I am 55, but I still can get around and prefer not to have a porter. I prefer to hike solo, but since this trek requires a guide, a small group is the next best thing. Scott

    • Hi Scott
      I am looking at Manaslu/Tsum valley in early March.. maybe after Holi in Kathmandu. I am a similar age (56) and, like yourself, prefer going solo.. However am keen to do this one and looking at the options.

  8. Hi Scott,
    age doesn’t matter if you are still in shape, i’ve been impressed quite a few times by experienced guys in there 50’s and pulling 30-40km/day (18.5-25mi/day)
    Cool, it sounds like the date could match!
    have you ever done backpacking treks before?

    this will be my 3rd long trek and i usually backpack 2-3 days in a row.
    i can pull between 15 to 20 km/day (10-13mi), i can sometimes go around 25km (15miles) but that’s stretching a bit too much.
    I hover between 3-7km/h (1.9-4.3mi/h) depending on the altitude.
    so i’d say i’m an average hiker/trekker
    what’s you average pace?

    let me know if you’re above that or not, that will allow me to have a feel of your level πŸ™‚


  9. Hi David,

    Any updates on your plans?

    If you will start somewhere in March I’m very interested in joining. From what i read you risk some impassable passes in early March.

    The bookmundi link you show seems to offer full tours with western prices. I think we are more looking for just a guide that also arranges the restricted area permit. Although that might be hard to arrange that via the internet. I know there are many many many guides that are looking for work in March on the streets in Thamel, Kathmandu. I guess it’s possible for $20-$50/day for the whole group (although my experience there was 8 years ago in rain season).

    Are you also open for other treks if Manaslu doesnt work out? Treks in Eastern and Western Nepal also seem very nice (im stil to map exactly where guides are required and where not). Take a look at my profile and post with the 12th of March as a start date.


    • Hi Peter,
      i can’t settle on an actual date yet since i have been negociating with my bosses in order to be able to take my vacations.
      on the latest update i would probably go in april and won’t push it further than that because i don’t want to go to nepal or trekking during monsoon season.

      in fact i was hesitating between solo trekking the new annapurna circuit or manaslu because they are apparently both incredible and beautiful.
      but the road situation on annapurna circuit made me change my decision for manaslu.

      this will be my first trek in nepal, i just want to see it’s authentic beauty and culture.

      not exaclty interested bu EBC because it looks like there will be a lot of people on that trek.

      do you have any suggestion?

  10. Gentlemen, I am planning to do Manaslu from the 1st or 2nd of April 2017, I am a bit flexible with dates. I also intend to continue with Annapurna from Dharapani which is sort of exit for Manaslu. I am looking for colleagues to share permits as solo trekkers are not allowed by rules and said to be checked on the trail. I have posted my plan on the page and hope to bump with colleagues with similar situations. Regards Padam B Chuwan (Bhutan).

    • hello Padam,
      that could work for me since i plan on arriving to kathmandu somewhere around april 1st.
      i’ll have my official dates as soon as my project manager will come back from his christmas vacations.
      i should be able to give you a fix date somewhere in the coming week.

  11. Hello guys,

    I am planning to trek the Manaslu circuit. I prefer doing that in a small group with people who have a high fitness level. I will arrive on the 8th of April in Kathmandu. Please, let me know if there is a chance to join you.


    • hello Steffi,
      i will only have 4 weeks in nepal and will probably arrive in kathmandu around march 30th since my flight is on the 29th.

      like Padam i was hoping to start trekking on april 1st or 2nd.
      is there any way you could be in kathmandu earlier or is that a fixed date?

  12. Hey David, Are you still planning to do Manaslu beginning of March? I am going back and forth between this trek and doing abbreviated version of AC+ABC. I’m drawn to do the Manaslu because it is the least populated trail, but I’m drawn to the Annapurna region because of the various landscapes and beauty. Anyways, let me know.

    • Hello Marcella,
      I will be travelling to nepal in april instead.
      i’m pretty sure you could find a partner in this thread since i’ve had trouble fixing a date with the company i work with…

      how do you plan to connect AC and manaslu?
      Yesterday i was wondering if it would be more interesting to add a couple days in AC instead of spending time in kathmandu.

    • oh and poon hill seems nice too if you haven’t heard of it.

  13. Hey that’s awesome; April should be a little bit warmer and verdant I imagine. I was going to hike East to Dharapani to connect to the AC. It also looks like once in Dharapani the worst of the road is gone; connecting to the better part of the AC. But who knows. Ah, I am still torn on Manaslu….!
    Well, have fun in April; if I end up on this route I will let you know how it was πŸ™‚

  14. yeah but apparently there is a bit more rain and the sky isn’t as blue as it will be in march.
    had to switch to april because my job wouldn’t let me leave in Feb/march.

    if you want you can also look for the new annapurna circuit trek, which apparently avoid all the roads.
    i think you can also connect manaslu and AC from manang.
    i’m actually drawn to that option, since i’m thinking of doing a 21 day trek instead of 17.

    Annapurna does seem to be more beautiful than manaslu (heartbreaking) but i’m more drawn to solitude than scenery.

    sure let me know!
    if you do it a month before me that will allow me to see if it’s worth switching trails from manang!

  15. Yeah, I feel ya! I am torn between both treks for the same reasons; I want access to solitude without compromising beauty.

    If you start to lean towards AC; this is the best resource available I know of

  16. Yeah, I feel ya! I am torn between both treks for the same reasons; I want access to solitude without compromising beauty.

    If you start to lean towards AC; google NATT guide and you’ll get the best resource for avoiding all the roads. This site won’t let me send you the link :/

    • I was thinking of NATT at first but changed my mind since there seems to be a lot of people on that trail.
      i also eat a lot and apparently the portions are small (for my appetite) on the AC.

      well if you live in oakland, you can always go in yosemite for solitude πŸ˜‰
      went on an 8 days trek in september and saw 1-2 person a day from tuolumne meadows to lower ottoway lake

  17. Hi David
    I’m interested in trekking Manaslu, I’m flexible with dates and times for the trek and would like to form a group 2 max 4 possibly with a guide. I’ve previously trekked abc and the Everest region in 2014.
    I’m going Manaslu as I value the remote environment and solitude which is a challenge to find in other areas.
    If you are interested in trekking with me please get in touch. I’m leaving for Nepal around 17-20th March.
    Connie (31, Perth, Western Australia)

  18. Hello Connie,
    excellent! it sounds like we are looking for the same thing.
    I personally never trekked in Nepal and that is why i would like to experience a lesser crowded area.
    would you be able to be in Kathmandu on April 1st?

    there is also Padam who is looking for partners and seems to be a bit flexible on dates too (i’m less flexible in the dates since i only have 4 weeks in nepal).

    let me know if that could work for you.


    • Guys, I am following this conversations my plans has not changed. I will be having some advantage because of being from similar region (family of the same himalayan region), it looks apparent that a group could be formed to overcome the mandatory requirements of the Manaslu circuit! As of now, I am on the side to continue with APC from Dharapani. Best regards Padam B Chuwan

  19. Hi Padam,
    Great! Indeed it would be a great advantage to have you in the group.
    hope you won’t mind that i am not from the same altitude (i’m from sea level) and will require a few day to acclimatize.
    i was actually wondering where the transfer to the AC could be done and wasn’t sure if it was in manang or Dharapani.

    Do you know how many days it would take to complete that circuit?
    i was hoping to spend somewhere between 17 to 23 days on the trails.


  20. If you’re still planning on doing the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley then I’m very interested. Tsum Valley sounds awesome!! I’ve trekked in the Annapurna and Everest regions and I’m flexible on dates. Anyone who’s keen let me know and we can figure out a plan! Juliet πŸ™‚

    • hi Juliet
      how was the AC?

      Does april 1st or 2nd work for you?
      For me that would be the best date to leave from kathmandu, since i should be arriving on the 30th or 31st.

  21. Let me arrange your trekking permit and a guide (If you prefer) need!
    Sharing a guide won’t hurt, it will only help. I’ve been trying to bridge the need of a trusted guide to make a trekking more enjoyable.
    I provide guides of all kind, with different personalities.
    All I need to know is your preference in a guide. And i’ll run like a wind to find it for you.
    I am a guide myself and a trekker as well. I’ve been a guide and i’ve hired a guide, too. SO I think I understand the importance of a good companionship, good team.


  22. Hey David,

    My name is Joey and I’m a 29-year-old Texan looking to do the Manaslu Trek. I plan to arrive in Kathmandu on April 1st after traveling around Thailand, but the date is still somewhat flexible. I have experience with many hikes in the US including the John Muir Trail and many multi-day trips in the Grand Canyon, around Colorado and in the Big Bend region of Texas. I have yet to dip my toes in international treks and am looking forward to doing so in April as I have always wanted to see the Himalayas.

    I am looking for another experienced hiker to join up with that wants to finish in 14-17 days as you specified. If you still have open space on your trip, I would happy to work something out. I have yet to study up on specific itineraries. I just know that this trek fits the bill in terms of views, remoteness and cultural immersion.


    • Hi Joey,
      Amazing! sounds like a lot of people are hoping to do that circuit in april!

      i think we might be better off organizing 2 groups based on flexibility of dates, the number of days on the trails and final itinerary.

      quite jealous on your JMT journey, only had a day or 2 on it.

  23. Hello everyone,
    Since there seems to have more and more people interested in doing this trip, i think it would be better to pair off with people having the same goal, itinerary and date availability.

    on my behalf here are my hopes with this trek:
    – start trekking on april 1st or 2nd
    – 17 to 23 days on the trails
    – open to trek variation including tsum valley and/or transition to AC at Dharapani.
    – i won’t hire a porter, but i may hire one at the higher pass if i feel too weak

    • Hi David, I’ve found a guy called Jamie to do the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley for a 3 week max trek starting around 15th March. Neither of us have booked flights so we’re flexible on dates. Would you be interested? I’m going to start a new thread to see if anyone else is interested in these dates. Would be good to be a group of three or four to keep the costs down. Hope we can work something out. πŸ™‚

  24. Hi again David (and Joey!) Are your dates fixed? I would prefer to start in mid March at the latest as the weathertends to be clearer in March than April. Would be frustrating to not see those mountains much! Either way I’m excited to get into the Tsum Valley!! Hope we can make something work. πŸ™‚

  25. I should have been a little more specific than stating my days were “somewhat flexible”. I’m looking to start April 1-3. I would also prefer no more than 17 days to trek from the start as I have to get back to the states for prior engagements. I hope these constraints won’t compromise the formation of a group.

  26. Would like to provide some info as general. February could still be snowing in the high altitude and risky in the high pass or slopes. The snow may starts to retreat by March and come April, the trails should be mesmerizing with rhododendrons and other flowers in the higher altitude. Sky is expected to be clear in the morning. I work and live between 2.5K-3K metre altitude in Bhutan sharing similar geography and weather pattern.

  27. Padam,
    thanks for the info! it does seem to be a pretty season in late march and april with all those flowers blooming everywhere! πŸ™‚

    as for flexibility, i cannot take my vacations earlier due to my job an my flight back home is on april 28th.

    for the duration i’m flexible, it can be between 17 to 23 days.
    17 being the minimum and 23 if i can other people are interested.

    from what i understand in this conversation.
    Padam and I seem to be on the same timeframe.

    It seems like your schedule could also work with mine.
    Let me know if you would be interested in switching to the AC from Dharapani or want to stick to Manaslu?

    Juliet and Connie,
    please let me know if the information i gave on my previous post suits you. Ideally i would like to for a group of 3 people, 4 max.

    • Dave,
      Combining Manaslu with the AC sounds amazing but I’m not sure I have the time to do so. How many extra days would that add on? Perhaps I could continue on and finish out Manaslu while y’all carry on to the AC, since most of Manaslu is done by then. Maybe we can propose this to a guide service but don’t see this being an issue so late in the trek along the most traveled portion.

    • Just curious if anyone would be interested in doing Tsum Valley instead of the AC? I’ve been talking to another trekker about trying this in Mid- March (Juliet) but there may be some flexibility if more people were interested to move it later.

      I was looking to do Manaslu-Tsum valley for a total of roughly 21 days (give or take one day).

  28. Hi Joey,
    Alright thanks for the info!
    i am also open to continue all through MC if that means i can have trekking partners.
    Consider my suggestion of switching to the AC as an option if others are willing to do that alternative with me.

    Unless we are more than 2 person with the guide i doubt that we could split, since there are check-ups along the trek to ensure regulations.
    But if we are 3-4, i wouldn’t mind leaving the group to continue in solo from Dharapani.

    Padam suggested that alternative to me, so i think he would be able to answer that question, but since Dharapani isn’t that far from the end of the trek i believe it might add 2-4 days to the trek, it would also add a high pass (but i’m not sure since it will be my first time in nepal).

    • I will definitely consider if the extra duration is within reason. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the AC doesn’t have the guide and 2 persons rule. The trail after Dharapani is shared by both the AC and MC, so it might be out of the Manaslu Conservation and restriction zone. Just something to look into when we setup an itinerary with a guide. I don’t want to keep anyone from extending their trip.

  29. You are right, i did not think of that when i replied to you.
    If the trail is not part of the conservation and restriction area then we wouldn’t need a guide for that part.

  30. hey Jamie,
    sorry i didn’t you post before.
    i would be open to tsum valley if the stretch from Dharapani is less interesting.
    My interest in AC is because apparently AC is prettier than MC and that option adds a second high pass.

  31. Hi David, That’s funny I wanted to do Manaslu and Tsum Valley because I heard the opposite! I have a friend who did the AC a couple of years ago and said although the east side of the AC is beautiful he didn’t enjoy the west side as much because of the road and the increased development. It’s all gonna be beautiful just depends how busy/commercialised you want your trek to be. Have you read about the Tsum Valley? It sounds pretty cool and more of an adventure than the AC:
    Neither Jamie or myself have booked flights at this stage so there’s flexibility in our departure date if you or anybody else reading is interested. Would be nice to do it as a small group πŸ™‚

  32. Hi Juliet, somehow i cannot approve your comment (don’t know why i should approve it anyways, maybe it’s the link), so i will reply to you below.

    “Hi David, That’s funny I wanted to do Manaslu and Tsum Valley because I heard the opposite! I have a friend who did the AC a couple of years ago and said although the east side of the AC is beautiful he didn’t enjoy the west side as much because of the road and the increased development. It’s all gonna be beautiful just depends how busy/commercialised you want your trek to be. Have you read about the Tsum Valley? It sounds pretty cool and more of an adventure than the AC:
    Neither Jamie or myself have booked flights at this stage so there’s flexibility in our departure date if you or anybody else reading is interested. Would be nice to do it as a small group :)”

    well if you know that Tsum Valley is more interesting that the part of the AC that we are planning to do i am more than willing to choose Tsum Valley instead since i don’t have a fixed plan yet.

  33. Awesome! When are you free? March tends to have clearer weather than April which is why Jamie and I wanted to go a bit earlier, but both of us are flexible. πŸ™‚

  34. I started a new post for Manaslu/Tsum Valley for 15th March. Maybe we can chat in that thread so Jamie is in the loop.

  35. my flight is on march 29th, should be arriving the 30/31st and return flight is on april 28th.
    so i would say that i’m free from april 1st to 25th since i would like to keep a couple days to visit Kathmandu.

  36. This seems to be working though…

  37. Okay let’s wait for Jamie to reply. What about Joey?

  38. Tsum valley seems special. I noticed itineraries where it can be completed in 20 days. I will have to double check to see if I could swing that but it would be the max number of days for me for sure.

  39. if you all want to trek tsum valley instead of AC, i am more than open to switch for that option.

    20 days would be a good number for me.
    And there might be some other small treks available next to besisahar, so i could always extend my trip from there or spend more time in Kathmandu

    • I’m in the loop. I”m looking at different itineraries and really trying to get a lay of the land. 20 days is good for me and my start date is flexible. I’ll post more in a bit

  40. Interesting idea to switch onto the AC at Dharapani… hmm I might be up for that. Could get the bus back from Jomsom so it would only add another week to the itinerary. Is that what you had in mind? The AC is totally doable without a guide so if the group split up at Dharapani it would be okay.

  41. i would prefer Tsum valley if it is prettier than western AC.
    also i don’t mind splitting up at dharapani if we have different itinerary or time on the trail.

    above everything else i am looking for beautiful scenery and solitude combine with a cultural experience.
    So anything that combines all those 3 factors will satisfy me πŸ™‚

  42. oh and i just read that if we include tsum valley in the trek it would take somewhere between 20 to 22 days to complete the circuit.
    so i don’t mind pushing up to 20km/day (12-13miles) at lower altitude if that can help us make it in 20-21 days.

    • Hi David- I’m seeing most itineraries fall in the 20-22 days. I’m fine with that. Were you looking to hire a guide once in country or to try and arrange it beforehand? Were you still thinking of doing AC if you included Tsum Valley?–Jamie

  43. 20-22 days is perfect for me since i am hoping to visit Kathmandu during a few days before my returning flight.

    i have never been to nepal and i don’t know which is nicer between AC and Tsum valley, therefore i am open to both for now.
    my choice would be oriented toward the nicest place between the 2 of them.

    i guess if you guys have more time on the trails and also want to do the AC we could do tsum valley first (if it’s nicer than western AC) and then split at Dharapani.

  44. Difficult to say as I haven’t been to either… Tsum Valley will definitely be less developed with hardly any tourist infrastructure since its only been open to trekkers in the last few years. Probably more likely to find traditional culture and solitude in Tsum than on the AC. Bet AC has some good apple pie though! πŸ˜‰

  45. Now this is what I call a pretty large thread to follow.

    Hi Everyone, this is Rathin, got connected to this thread through Juliet, who I found in another thread πŸ™‚

    This thread is getting too big to follow to minute detail. What I gather from cursory scanning is, all of the active participants are eyeing for Manaslu and possibly Tsum valley tagged in. I also understand some would be interested in extending the trek to AC.

    I am up for Manaslu, and am feeling intrigued about extending till Tsum Valley. If you guys continue to AC, then we can split after Dharapani.

    But, I think the first thing that we need to work on is fixing when to start. I see the dates are coming somewhere between 2nd week of Mar till 1st week of April. I am flexible with beginning, but could we not fix it now?


  46. Finally the website is working again! Let’s get a plan figured out! Please reconfirm if you’re still interested and give your preferred start date and length of trek.

    I would prefer to go in March to avoid the pre-monsoon cloudiness and trek for about 3-4 weeks. Happy to move it to April though if this suits everyone better.

    • Still interested.
      I would also prefer Tsum Valley over Annapurna. I would also be fine with Manaslu and no side trek if timing is an issue.
      My dates are flexible but the first week of April would be best.

  47. Hi Rathindra,
    You got that right, that pretty much sums the conversation.

    As mention before i cannot start before April 1st.
    ideally i would also prefer to keep the group at max 4 people, because after that it becomes a bit more complicated with logistic.

    Joey also sent me a list of fair prices ranging between 690-750 USD, the price depends on the length of the trek, number of people in the group and whether or not we take a private transport by jeep.

    Tsum Valley will be the side trek i will choose.

  48. Those are lower prices then I’ve found. I’m definitely still interested in coordinating with a group

  49. Hey,

    I hope it’s not to late to join you guys, sorry for the late reply, hopefully that doesn’t make things even more complicated..
    I followed the conversation for a while and wanted to answer just before the site went down on the weekend.
    However, here’s what i’d like to do:
    -Manaslu and Tsum (favoured) and/or continuing to Annapurna
    -Three to four weeks
    -Starting anytime after March 18th and finishing end of April, preferring starting at about march 25 (i think i’m the first coming up with this (another.. ) date)

    Anyway, i’m flexible with the time (haven’t booked anything yet) and would be happy if it’s still possible to join a group that comes up..


  50. Hi Chris, David and Jamie! Let’s see if Rathindra, Joey and Padam are still interested. Maybe we need to split into two groups if there are 6 or 7 of us? Or go as one big group? Could be fun!

    • Yes still interested. Would prefer a smaller group of 2-3, 4 max. Trekking after the start of April is a must. Up for a 20 day max with Tsum valley but wouldn’t mind a shorter MC by itself.

  51. yup splitting groups sounds like a good idea to me πŸ™‚

    i’m sorry for being a party pooper, but i experienced a big group (10) last year in peru and i could stand by that experience to say that this is not what i’m looking for, since you end up loosing a lot of time waiting for other people.

  52. I agree with David on this one. I could do 4 or 5 ( i think one guide is limited to 5 people anyway I remember reading that somewhere).

  53. i believe that too, plus if you plan on sharing a private jeep, you can’t be more than 4 in a group, otherwise it means having to spend more money for a second jeep.

    but there’s always the good old fashion bus πŸ™‚

  54. joey,
    you could probably shorten MC by taking a bus from manang or any other cities a bit more south, since there’s a road from there.

  55. there’s a great itinerary posted on that page, i believe that by introducing 1 more day or 2 for acclimating might be a good idea.

    but apparently 2 parts of the trek (beginning and end) are not that nice and could be skipped by taking a jeep or a bus.

    Apparently Arughat to Soti Kola is a walk on a hot and dusty road.
    And Dharapani to Besi Sahar is an industrial corridor with a lot of traffic.
    by skipping those area we could be faster on the trails and enjoy more time into nicer areas

    1 drive Kathmandu to Soti Khola (by jeep)
    2 trek Khorla Besi (or Machha Khola)
    3 trek Jagat 1350m (6 hours)
    4 trek Deng 2600m (7 hours)
    5 trek Namrung 2540m
    6 trek Sama Gaun 3500m
    7 explore Sama Gaun 3500m via Manaslu BC
    8 explore Sama Gaun 3500m via Pung Gyen Gompa
    9 trek Samdo 3860m
    10 explore Samdo via pass to Tibet
    11 trek Dharmasala 4460m
    12 trek Bimthang via Larkya La 5135m
    13 trek Tilje 2300m to Dharapani
    14 trek Dharapani, drive Kathmandu

  56. Hello everyone,

    I’ve found this thread late, but am also hoping to join at least 1 person for a similar trek (my original trek partner has cancelled).

    I arrive into Kathmandu 1st April, and depart 25th April. Planning to trek Manaslu Circuit and part of Annapurna from Dharapani to Jomsom (then fly Jomsom to Pokara to Kathmandu). If time allows then part of the Tsum Valley while on the MC would be great too (I’m told its an area worth seeing….)

    I’m in Nepal this time to trek only, so want to maximise my time….

    Guide only for the Manaslu part, AC to Jomsom probably not. Im an experienced trekker and am open to longer walking days/distances at the lower altitudes to be flexible and align with anyone’s timeframe.

    Im happy to join a larger group, or trek with only one other (plus guide) if that suits anyone else.



  57. hi John,
    welcome to this thread.

    so here’s my plan and will mostly be definitive because i think we’ve covered the whole subject already.

    i’m arriving in KTM on march 31st
    trekking journey should start on april 1st-2nd

    It think Joey has pretty much the same time frame as me, so we are looking for 2-3 more people.
    (with all the people in this thread i have no doubt we could form 2 groups)

    this will be the itinerary:
    1 drive Kathmandu to Soti Khola (by jeep)
    2 trek Soti Kola to Khorla Besi (or Machha Khola)
    3 trek Khorla Besi to Jagat 1350m (6 hours)
    4 trek Jagat to Ekle Bhatti 2600m (6 hours)
    (4-5 days Tsum Valley)
    5 trek to Namrung 2540m
    6 trek to Sama Gaun 3500m
    7 explore Sama Gaun 3500m via Manaslu BC
    8 explore Sama Gaun 3500m via Pung Gyen Gompa
    9 trek to Samdo 3860m
    10 explore Samdo via pass to Tibet
    11 trek to Dharmasala 4460m
    12 trek to Bimthang via Larkya La 5135m
    13 trek Tilje 2300m to Dharapani
    14 trek Dharapani, drive Kathmandu

    the prices are:
    guide, accommodations, permits, porter and private jeep (food not included):
    4 people/20 days: 679 USD
    4 people/22 days: 694 USD
    5 people/20 days: 728 USD
    5 people/22 days: 736 USD

    Guide, accommodations, permits, private jeep (no porters, no food included):
    4 people/20 days: 495 USD
    4 people/22 days: 510 USD
    5 people/20 days: 471 USD
    5 people/22 days: 479 USD

    • Hi David, and thanks for the reply.

      that itinerary looks good. Can you add me as a definite starter departing Kathmandu (day 1 of trek) Sunday 2nd April.

      Once we finalise Tsum Valley option I can plan my Annapurna section and lock-in some flights etc…


  58. Hi David, How many definites do you have? I’m definitely in. Do we need to split into two groups?

    • Hi Juliet
      are you ok with the April 2nd departure date from Kathmandu?
      Will you be trekking the Tsum Valley also?

  59. I’m still very interested. Let me know if you guys want to try and do one group or two

    • So I’m also a definite

  60. Hi John, Yes to Tsum Valley and 2nd. Does that make 5 of us? (David, Joey, Jamie, John, Juliet- that’s a lot of J’s!) Or am I missing someone?

  61. just saw that my returning flight is no longer available on the 28th (was waiting for my boss to officially approve my vacations), so my returning flight will be on the 26th.

    is everyone ok with 20 days?

    i don’t have a problem with a group of 5 people.
    i know that Joey confirmed he was willing to partner up with me.

    so if we all agree on those dates, then i guess we have a deal πŸ™‚

  62. 20 days works for me. Leaving Kathmandu 2nd April.

  63. I feel that everybody here is bound for Manaslu+ Tsum valley circuit? Is there anybody who is thinking of Manaslu+Annapurna continuation from Dharapani?

  64. I am sticking up with the original plan of Manaslu+Annapurna, perhaps a side trip to Tilicho lake picking up APC trail from Dharapani. After Muktinath, it may be possible to get a ride to city/Pokhra. I am afraid that this may not be the case with others, however, if anybody in this forum is interested perhaps a gr could be formed.

  65. Hello! Is it too late to add one more??
    My name is Anja, I’m a 26YO keen trekker from Australia looking to find some travel buddies for a Manaslu +/- Tsum Valley trek. My hiking dates are April 1-April 17. Reading this thread it sounds like you guys are planning a similar trek! I’m a bit confused though as the proposed itinerary is 14 days but I was under the impression that Manaslu + Tsum usually takes around 20 days? Are you shaving a couple of days off at the beginning/end to turn it into a 14 day trek or have I mis-interpreted the itinerary? Anyway, if it is indeed a 14 day itinerary departing Kathmandu on the 1st of April that would suit my dates perfectly. I’m pretty fit and am going to be in Nepal for 2 weeks doing some work/travel in some villages at altitude so should hopefully be acclimatised! Let me know if you have space for one more! Anja

  66. Hi Anja,
    We haven’t booked with a trekking company yet.
    but the plan is to do MC + Tsum Valley in 20 days.

    We will be shaving off the 1st and last day of the regular circuit in order to spend more time in the interesting parts of the trail.

    you could probably contact Joey or Jamie from this thread, they will be doing a 14 days version of MC.

    hope you find partners for your journey.

  67. Hi David and everyone else on this forum, is anyone thinking about doing this trek with a side trip to Tsum valley around the end or march, say the 25th? My dates are felxible, but if your plans are similar and you need a trekking buddy please message me!