Manaslu Circuit Trek (and Tsum)

EDIT: 3.11.2017

The tour is now confirmed!

Hi Trekkers around the world.

I am Florian, german, 39 years old
languages: german, english

Experienced trekker and trekking guide myself (in Europe)

This will be my third time in Nepal
I did already: Annapurna Circuit, ABC, Jiri-Namche, 3 Passes, EBC, Langtang Valley, Tamang Heritage Trail. Ruby Valley.

I love Nepal and I love adventures.

So this time i will make a very long trek from the Doorsteps of Thamel to Gosainkund-Syabru Besi-Gatlang-Manaslu-Tsum-Annapurna-Mustang
Ok this is the big plan , lets see what happen.

I trek usually alone (because i found nobody who has so much time and the fitness) , but i like also to meet other people on the way and trek with them together.

On the way is Manaslu, which is restricted area.
I dont want to miss this.

So i need a guide and at least one other fellower.

So I contact now a friend of me, who will organize the trip for me with his agency.
If he has time, he will guide us. He is a young and nice guide, but quite experienced for his age.

The tour will start 20th of november and end with guide 8 th of december in KTM.
I will come directly to Manaslu and meet you at 24th of november in Jagat

This will be not a package tour, it will be an individual tour with guide.

So there will be fixed costs:

For the Manaslu Circuit/Tsum is needed:

-Manaslu and Tsum special permit
-Annapurna permit
-Tims Card Annapurna

and a guide is required (I dont count unfortunatly)

The Tour will start at 20th of november in Kathmandu and will end at the 8th of december
So alltogether: 19 days (16-17 trekking days), it will include a 4-5 days sidetrip into the Tsum Valley

20. 11.: Bus KTM-Arugath
21-23.11.: trek to Jagat
24.11..-6.12..: Jagat-Darapani: 13 days Trekking in the Manaslu&Tsum Area
7.-8.12. : trek (and) bus or jeep back to Besisahar/KTM/Phokara

You have the option to continue after Manaslu unguided the Annapurna Circuit if you have time (for this you need only the individual TIMS Card). I will do this and its worth it (and you already purchased the TIMS and permit for Annapurna)

The price (permits and guide for 19 days included) will decrease by the number of partipiciants

The costs are

with 2 people (me and one other)
447 dollar per person

with 3 people
352 dollar per person

with 4 people:
303 dollar per person

The groupsize will not more than 4

Two people are already confirmed. Me and Kyle


20-25 dollar per day for food/acc depending on you, some areas will be cheaper than others

10-20 dollar for transport (bus/jeep)


Note: there will be no porter

You will only have to bring your passport and your part of the money to the agency (that they can get the permits)
Until the 17th latest.

You should be quite fit for such a long trekking tour, the highest point will be the 5100 m high Larkye La Pass.
So respect acclimatization rules and be aware of alitude sickness!

It is a nice chance for solo trekkers to make Manaslu quite cheap an nice, so join the tour.

Cu in Nepal Florian



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  1. Hi Florian!

    I saw your post on the other page and I’m contacting you through here.

    So I’ll be in Nepal from mid october to mid december. It’s my 2nd time in Nepal and I spent 2 months trekking in Everest and Annapurna areas during my first stay (unguided, my favorite style).

    I want to explore new areas and I’m trying to choose between Kanchenjunga / Makalu for my first trek as from mid october (such a hard choice!) but I’d love to do Manaslu and join it with Annapurna (Manang / Tilicho) as soon as I’m done with my first trek.

    I’m a trekking enthusiast and did also some nice altitude treks in the Andes last year (I was living in peru till May).

    If you have some contact for the mandatory guide to Manaslu area that’d amazing (I have no contact at all). I’ll be up to join you, if not possible for the entire trek for at least the manaslu part.

    It would be good to share the cost of the guide with maybe 1 or 2 more people (small group though is always better).

    I’m quite flexible, but enjoy freedom and some time to smell the flowers on the way up 😉

    We keep in touch and let me know if you have more ideas.

    When are you arriving in nepal?


  2. I try to be as early as possible in November in KTM, that i have time enough for the trek to Manaslu.
    21st is the earliest date i can reach Jagat, the entrance of the restricted area. A few days later would be relaxter for me, but…

    You and the others could come with the guide from KTM an meet me there.

    I think 4 is the maximum group size.

    Do you like to do Tsum Valley as well ? (i am open to add it)
    I can ask my friends for the prices.

    25 Dollars per day for a guide is the usual price.

    the permit cost for Manaslu:
    70 Dollar p.P for the first week, 10 dollars for every following day
    20 Dollar for annapurna permit
    20 Dollar for annapurna TIMS

    Both we need anyway if we want continue the Annapurna Circuit

    Food and Stay: 15-30 Dollars per day, depending on place and your budget.

    and a few dollars for the bus 😉

    I will not ask for package. It is better in my opinion to pay only what you want to drink and eat.

    Just guide and permit cost

    So lets keep contact


  3. Hello all,

    This is my first time in Nepal and I originally came here to attend a 40- day mountaineering course in the Khumbu region. My course ends on November 8 and I would like to go on another trek shortly after. I will be available to start trekking on November 10. I am interested in going on the Manaslu trek and would happily share the cost of the permits. My travel style is pretty flexible, but my flight home is on December 8 so I don’t think I would be able to extend the trip beyond Manaslu.

    Bottom line: I would love to join you on the Manaslu trek, if there’s room for one more! I will not have wifi until I return from the Khumbu but I am absolutely certain that I want to do the Manaslu trek, so count me in and I will contact you as soon as I can.


  4. Hi. I will arrive at 1.11. in KTM.
    I start at 3.11. with Gosainkund So earliest date i can start Manaslu ist 21st of November. I dont waht to rush.
    So fpr you Hayley, it would mean to start in KTM at 18th. Lets see

  5. So i have now new details.
    I hope this suits to you, Hay and Kevin.

    Also my friend Bimal will look for other people.
    But groupsize will be maximum 4

  6. All the original passports must placed at least 3 days before the tour starts placed at the trekking company.
    So latest 15th of november. So they are able go get all the permits.

    • Hello Florian,
      Thanks a lot for all this information and for the research work done.
      I’ve just arrived in KTM and as told before I was in between Makalu and Kanchenjunga as 1st Trek. I opted for kanchen which looks so beautiful and in a remote area. Now this trek will be quite expensive and will consume most of my budget. So after I wont be able to do another special permit trek.

      Moreover my vipasana course will start on 1/12 so it would have been too tight.
      I’ll do a gentle trek to langtang instead…

      So I won’t join you but I’m sure you’ll have an amazing trek!

      Enjoy and all the best!

    • Hi , if you need permits in 24 h , I can give you contact to my friends in Thamel . anyway is pity that I will be a week later while you will be already on trek . all the best guys . tchuss

  7. Hey Florian,

    ive been following your messages for a while, but i wasn’t too sure about the date. Ive booked my tickets now, and based on your timeline i should be able to join! Ill arrive in kathmandu on the 11th of november. Do you still have place for one more? Looking at the replies above, it seems that you’re with 2-3 people now, right?
    This will be my second time in Nepal by the way. 2 years ago, ive done the annapurna circuit, and now i’m looking to experience the remoteness a little bit more.
    Hope to hear from you!

    PS: Would anyone be willing to extend the trip with the naar-phu valley? I’m not to sure, but i think from dharamsala you can go right on to phu-naar and end in manang, which should take only 5-6 days extra.

  8. Hi Tije , of course you can join.

    If Kylie takes part we would three, this is a good groupsize
    and it will be drop the costs.

    I delayed the tour to the 20thiest of november, so 2 days later.
    Because my flight today has alreads delayed and i have a cold.

    The best is to contact me via facebook

    For me it would be best if you can give me a confirmation as soon as possible. Until the 3rd of november, because i have to organize everything with the trekking company and the guide.

    No I dont plan Naar and Pu. but i will continue Annapurna and maybe try the way to Tilicho Lake, i will carry for this reason a tent with me.

  9. if you plan to continue Naar and Phu, you have also to organize everything in front, because this is also an restricted area.
    If you want to do it, the best is to organize this with the trekking agency , we use
    Because then you have the guide already with you, which makes it cheaper and easier.

  10. Hi Tije , Kyle and all who are interested. I need your onfirmation now. I will go tomorrow to the ageny to make it fix The day after tomorrow i leave Ktm . So write me here or chat with me on facebook : Florian Knaack

  11. So the tour is confirmed.
    Kyle confimed

    If you want to join please contact Kyle.
    He has all relevant information. Because from today I am on the trek

    If we would be three persons the fix costs per person will drop down to 352 dollars.
    Cheaper you cant make Manaslu

    This includes guide and all permits but not food. The transport are peanuts

    Please note that you have to bring your passport and you part of the money until the 17th to the agency.

    I recommend Hotel Potala to stay and the best trekking shop for cloth is in my opinion: everest hardwear. Ask Rishi of Hotel Potala

    Cu Florian

  12. Hi florian, if this gets delayed by a few days, please let me know as I’d be very keen to join! I arrive to kathmandu on the morning of 23rd Nov, so can organise the permit then and leave for Soti Khola as soon as it is ready. I’m also planning to camp at Tilicho lake and hopefully cross the Mesokanto pass to Jomsom. Cheers, Paul

  13. Hi All,

    I will be joining Florian on the trek, I will be leaving KTM on the 20th with the guide and meeting Florian. Please let me know if any of you are interested in joining the trek.

  14. If anyone has any questions or interest in joining the hike, please just send me a private message to discuss. Thanks

    • just seen that I should contact you! I would like to join you! can we call on facetime/ whatsapp 0041796050317?
      got some questions since im leaving from pokhara etc…

      hey florian!

      just back from 23days of trekking annapurna circuit& abc. just amazing. cant wait to get back into the mountains.would love to do the manaslu trip! recovering now in pokhara& would be ready for the 23 for sure to start in jagat. I could try to make it for the 21. can we call on 0041796050317 for some details?
      would be great!
      herzlich philomena

    • hey!

      I would like to join you guys!
      get in touch with me on 0041796050317! facetime/whatsapp

      herzlich, philomena

  15. hey florian!

    just back from 23days of trekking annapurna circuit& abc. just amazing. cant wait to get back into the mountains.would love to do the manaslu trip! recovering now in pokhara& would be ready for the 23 for sure to start in jagat. I could try to make it for the 21. can we call on 0041796050317 for some details?
    would be great!
    herzlich philomena

  16. are you on facetime / whatsapp?

  17. Hi there
    Doing Manaslu and after that probably contuining the Annapurna trek is also my plan. I’m looking for company to drop the costs for the guide for the Manaslu part. Would be great if someone give some answers. I want to start around 20th Nov
    Cheers Mike

  18. Hi all, we couldn’t get hold of Kyle or Florian so Mike (above) and I have arranged seperately. Please see new post, same idea but without Tsum Valley. If you are interested please.get in touch straight away, as we need to sort permits in the morning