Manaslu Circuit, Sept 2014

Hello friends!

I plan to go Manaslu circuit (12-16 days) starting between 25.9 to 29.9 (need to be back in Kathmandu 12.10). Sleeping in teahouses.

You probably know, that group of at least two persons is required to get park permits and this is the main reason I am looking for someone(s) to share the guide.

If there is someone, who has similar plans starting at the end of September, we can join for the trip and find some guide in advance or later in Kathmandu 🙂 I am arriving 24th of Sept.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

Ondrej, Prague, Czech Republic

Czech Republic


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  1. Hi Ondrej!
    I have a similar plan! I would like to do the Manasulu treck with no guide or porters but I am looking for some people to join me since this time I am travelling on my own. It would be great to join forces! 🙂 I am in Kathmandu now since yesterday and today I will look around and ask in tour agencies about the permits, transportation and so on. If you are interested I can let you know what I found out. I would like to start at the end of the month or at the beggning of October when the weather will get better (now it is raingn few times a day, but is should finidh soon :)).
    If you want we can meet when you will be in Kathmandu. I wil also try to find some other people who might join.
    Greetings from Kathmandu!


  2. I looks like the guide is needed to get a permit, sorry, I was not well informed about the details of this treck before I got to Kathmandu;) It would be perfect to collect more people then to share the costs. I have posted my trip plan as well on the web to greater the chances of collecting more people 🙂

    • Hello Anna!

      It would be really nice to join 🙂
      I read your other comments and you are active, asking in agencies and posting your information here .. this is very helpfull, thank you for that;)

      Some practical information:

      • I am arriving 24th of September. I have found that 25th of September is holiday day and therefore permits can be done 26th or 28th of September. I think that 29th is deadline to start the trek for me, as I depart from Kathmandu back to Europe 13th of October. So duration of trek should be 12-16 days – just to be back in Kathmandu 12th of October. This is maybe the point in which we unfortunatelly don’t meet. Or are you flexible with date and can you start at September?
      • I expect that sleeping in teahauses (included dinner and breakfast) should not cost more than $20/night in average. Of course less price is better – i dont need any special services there:)
      • I dont need porter, but with more people we could share one
      • I read that following permits are needed MCAP+ACAP (approx $50) and restricted area fee ($10/day .. depending on duration of trek $80-$110, because part of trek is outside that area)
      • I am in email contact with two agencies, one of them gave me an offer $25/guideday, but they want $125 service charge – I think it is really a lot and this is not acceptable for me. Did the agencies tell you about some other fees (for managing permits etc)?

      Enjoy your time in Kathmandu.
      From rainy Prague,


  3. Hi Ondrey!

    – unfortunately I need to atart the treck arround the 6th of October since I finish meditaion couse on the 1st and then there is a holiday until the 4th, I can start the soonest on the 6th.

    – I would like to do Tsum Valley as well which makes the whole treck longer- about 21 days

    – the Manasulu circuit should be about 16 days. You will need a Manasulu permit that you wrote about, 70 dollars a week, so two of those and then Annapurna Conservation Area 2000 NPR and Manasulu area 20000 NPR. On the top of that they always charge 13 % VAT.

    – the tahiuses should not cost more than 100- 200 NPR per night (which is 1-2 dollars) but the food can get expensive (up to 500 NPR) so sometimes if the group is bigger it is possible to bargain the price of the teahouse stay if you will eat a lot of food;)) at least that’s what I did with my friends on the Annapurna, but we were a bigger group and we like to eat 😛

    – 25 dollars per guide is a normal price. I don’t know what are the 125 dollars charges but maybe that’s VAT? You can mae sure with them.

    – it looks like we will not maage to do the treck together. Anyway- all the best and have a great and safe trip!

    • Hello Anna!

      OK, I understand and thanks for additional info;)
      I will try to find someone else, otherwise I will later change my plan to Annapurnen circuit, where the guide is not needed.

      I wish you nice trip!