Manaslu Circuit October 2013

Hi, I would love to do the Manaslu Circuit and if there is time Tsum Valley as well. I am looking for some travel partners to join me. I’ve done some treks in Nepal before (like Langtang and Gokyo) so I know a bit what to expect. I plan to leave around 2 October. If anybody isinterested to join, please let me know!
Greetings, Elisabeth



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  1. Hello!

    i’m aslo trying to find buddy to manaslu and tsum, it’s not easy at all 🙁

    i’m in pokhara.

    can u send me details about price and itinerary pls?




  2. Hello Elisabeth.

    this will be my first time in Nepal. i would love to hear the details as i am have looked at this area as well.

    thank you,

  3. Hi Jorge,
    thanks for responding! The Manaslu Circuit can be done as a teahouse trek, and if done at easy pace with a side-trip day and the necessary acclimatisation days can be done in about 20 days. The reports whether a guide is mandatory or not, are mixed. So far I never had one on a trip but I would’not mind hiring one if it is mandatory. First day is the bus to Arughat Bazar, and from there on it starts! I heard so many good stories on this trip that I would like to see it myself now 😉
    I arrive in Kathmandu at 30 September.

    Greetings, Elisabeth

  4. Hello Roman,

    I know, Manaslu is not the most popular trek, and this while it is said to be so beautiful!
    I plan to trek unarranged, so there’s not fixed dates or prices. I might ask a guide to join though, if it is required. I hope to leave Kathmandu for Arughat Bazar around 2 October. Are you planning to stay in Pokhara or are you travelling to Kathmandu first?

    Greetings, Elisabeth

  5. Hi, there’s an update here! Roman and I will do the Manaslu Circuit and a few daysTsum Valley. We plan to leave on 2 October from Kathmandu. Total trek will take about 21 days, travel days not included. If there is somebody else who wants to join us, let me know!
    Greetings, Elisabeth

  6. Hi Elisabeth/Roman,
    I arrived in Kathmandu today and consider doing the Manasulu trek myself. Date wise it would fit. So when you guys are in Kathmandu too let’s meet up ….

  7. Hi Bea,

    You are welcome to join! We can meet in Kathmandu on Monday; I just sent you a private message with the details.

    Greetings, Elisabeth

  8. Hi Elisabeth,

    I’ve got a glimpse of your message, but now it’s gone… Anyway…
    It’s my third time in Nepal. First time round it was an organised trip with a bit of everything. Second time I did the jiri gokyo ebc trek, otherwise I’d a bit of trekking in the Alps, Atlas …
    What else I’m German, 38 years, currently live and work (architect) in düsseldorf.
    You wanted to meet at the KTG on Monday 2pm?
    See you there.
    In case I won’t make it I’ll let you know

  9. Hey Elisabeth ,
    I am in Kathmandu at the time and would love to join you for the trek! Just finished two weeks of “warming up” in langtang and gosaikunda. I am male, 19 years of age, a student and an easy going person. Could we meet up soon?
    all the best

  10. Hi Bea,

    In the short time you had to read the PM I wrote you (where to meet) you misunderstood the time. I have sent you a new one to correct this.

    We will see you on Monday! Greetings, Elisabeth

  11. Hi Felix,

    That might make a group of four, nice. We can meet on Monday; I’ll send you a PM.
    Enjoy your time!

    Greetings, Elisabeth