Manaslu Circuit October 14-30

I have found a reputable guide for this trip during these dates and am interested in one or two trekking partners to join so we can have a minimum group size of two people, per the regulations. I have trekked in Nepal and Ladakh before and am interested in an affordable tea house version of this trip. Message me if you are interested in joining.



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  1. Hi, Scott! So what day exactly you are departing 14 or 15? I am planning to start on 13, but don’t know which trek yet)) So now i am thinking of Manaslu (instead of Mustang) and i could wait a day or two to start. Then i plan to take off from Dharapani to Annapurna circuit.
    How much is guide charging per day?

  2. Hi Scott!
    We seem to have similar plans. Let me know if you’re still looking for trekking mates. I’m a 29year old Swiss who hasn’t trekked Nepal so far.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Tanja, I am still planning on this trip and right now am hoping to arrive Kathmandu on 14 October, departing for the trek on 16 October for 15 or 16 days of trekking, returning to Kathmandu on the 20th or 31st. Does that work for you? I’ve got one or two other people who might be interested in joining as well so let me know what you think. Thanks!

  3. Hello there.. i’d be happy to join you guys for the manaslu circuit have been to nepal several times before and did the most popular treks. I am 46, from austria and will start my travels next week timewise i am flexible, Namaste

    • Hi Friedrich, Are you still looking for a partner for the Manaslu Circuit? I’m hoping to begin trekking October 15 or 16, returning to KTM on the 31st. Let me know and I will look forward to hearing from you.

  4. There was a landslide the other day and people have died on the trek.
    But if you still up for it we can discuss trek with agency

  5. Hi guys,

    I wonder if anyone here is still looking for partners for the Manaslu trek? We will arrive to Kathmandu 14 October morning and would like to find a co-trekker(s) to share the guide and fun on the trek.

    We are 29 and 30, experienced from trekking in other mountains, though first time in the Himalayas. We have got up to 15 days for the trek. Let me know if interested to discuss.


    • Hi Marketa, my name is Clare, from Scotland. I will be travelling solo to Nepal, arriving in Kathmandu October 11th. I would love to do the manaslu trek, and will be looking to fin a few others to trek with plus guide. Hoping to carry my own bag. Would be aiming to do at least a 15 day trip, including acclimatisation days and side trips. Let me know if you’re still looking for partners to join with! I am 26, and like yourselves, have trekking experience in mountains in Europe, but firt time in Nepal. Generally love the outdoors, and pretty fit. Looking to find some like minded people for some good company whilst trekking! Cheers, Clare

    • Hi Marketa and Clare, This schedule matches with mine very well. I’m also arriving KTM on the 14th and hoping to depart on the 15th or 16th for a 15 day or 16 day Manaslu Circuit. Please let me know whether this works for you all and I will check again with my guide regarding costs and logistics. Thanks so much and I will look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi guys, having read more about the Manaslu trek I realised we won’t be able to do this as we only have max 13 days for the trek. We’ll have to save Manaslu for next time and do the AC trek instead.

  6. Hi Scott, I’m interested in the Manaslu circuit for pretty much the same time frame as you; I just need to be back in KTM to catch my flight out by Nov. 1 or 2. Currently I am in KTM, but have not started researching for guides. Let me know if you’re still looking for partners.