Manaslu circuit, Nepal – 14 days

Looking to head out to Nepal to do the Manaslu circuit. Due to work, I have to be pretty specific with the dates. Intend to start on Sunday 20th April, returning to KTM on 3rd May.

Was planning on doing this itinerary:

I’m an open-minded and pretty laid back. Currently in London but desperate to get out of the city and enjoy some mountain air.

Particularly looking for someone who has an idea about guides/permits.




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  1. Hey,
    I’m totally interested in this trek!
    Are you in Kathmandu right now? I’d love to meet up and chat.
    I don’t know much about guides/permits.
    I really want to get out of the city as well!
    Let me know

  2. Hey Rajiv,

    keen to do the trek as well 🙂 Actually I just replied to Emilia’s post as well. Are the two of you in contact and made further plans? Would love to join if possible!
    I’ll be arriving in KTM late tomorrow. Nothing booked so far.

    Hope this finds you in time 🙂


  3. hey guys,
    i’m rob 28 years old.
    just arrived in kathmandu yesterday and would really like to do the manaslu round as well. the 14 days iterinary would be perfect. are you going to start tomorrow?
    i’m not able to start tomorrow but am apart from that pretty flexible about iterinary and dates.
    are you in kathmandu right now and keen to meet up? i already collected some information. just let me know

    see you guys