Manaslu Circuit Mid-April

Hi – anyone interested in doing the Manaslu Circuit in mid-April as a pair or a group? I want to do this hike but need a partner for permits. I’m happy to hike as a group, a pair, or if you want to enter together for the permits and then go separate ways for a few days or the entire hike, that’s also fine with me.

I’m a 25 year old from the UK currently working for a non-profit company in Tanzania and just taking a hiking break for a few weeks. I’ve never been to Nepal before, but have a couple of friends and colleagues who have, so I know a little bit about arrangements, etc.

If you are interested to join me, send me a message and we can chat further.




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  1. Hi George! I may be interested. How firm are you on the leave date? I’ll be volunteering in the eastern region and won’t be back in Kathmandu until the 12th at the earliest – which wouldn’t leave much time for me to make any preparations.

  2. Hi George, I may be interested. We are two kiwi guys both tre

  3. Hi George, I may be interested. We are two kiwi guys, 26 and 27, both trekked Nepal before. We are currently in Northern India and will be in Nepal at the beginning of April. Are flexible with start dates, and are wanting to form or join a group to help costs and share the experience. Feel free to contact us

  4. Hey george,
    i want to this trek, i would arrive on the 14.4 in kathmandu, I’m 22 years old and i come from austrian i stay in nepal for 5 weeks. I also looked up the manaslu trek with the tsum valley. so if you still need a partner it would be great, just contact me
    Nice greets Jakob

  5. Hey Ian, Chris, Jacob, Luisa and Pollen – looks like there’s a decent amount of interest here – could be a fun trip!

    Would everyone be interested in the below rough itinerary, but saving one day acclimatisation, to make the overall trek a 14 day trek?

    My dates are currently landing at Kathmandu on sat 12th, so driving to Arughat probably on Sunday 13th, and on the tail end driving from Sirichaur to Besisahar to Kathmandu on Sat 26th.

    I don’t have time to detour into Tsum valley but I think a few people here do want to do that – perhaps we could start together and then split into two groups.

    I think the best thing at this point is to private message me your email, and I’ll start a separate email thread to figure out logistics? If that sounds good, either send me an email at or send me a private message.

  6. Hi all
    Is there space for an extra person? 14 days would be ideal for me, though I would be coming over from Pokhara. And are you thinking of hiring a guide and/or porters?

  7. Hi there! I am very keen. 27yo Australian male who wants to do Manaslu with Tsum Valley. I have lots of time so want to do side trips if there is an opportunity. Would be great to start off with others and see what happens. Quick question however about your plan. Can you get all your permits on the Saturday In Kathmandu? Will you get yours before instead? Can meet in Kathmandu on the 12th. Contact if interested.

  8. Hello!

    I am currently in Katmandou with a Nepalese friend and we would like to do the Manaslu circuit ASAP. We are looking for 1 or more foreigners. Just contact us !
    We would like to start the 15th or the 16th.

    Jerome +977 9803380508
    Suyoz +977 9841777025