Manaslu Circuit late September

Trekking on the Manaslu Circuit with a recommended guide (its required for the permit). Would love to find a partner or two to join me…If you are interested in joining up for this adventure, please let me know….

United States


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  1. Dear Jonna, nice, me too I was planning to make this trek, possibly starting somewhen next week. Have you planned on going to the Tsum Valley as well? I arrive in Kathmandu on 23rd. Let me know if you are interested in meeting for a coffee to discuss mor in detail. Cheers Andrea

  2. Hi Andrea, Please email me to I arrive in Kathmandu in the morning on Wednesday, Sept 25th and then begin the trek or leave Kathmandu to start the trek on Friday, Sept 27th. I would be up for meeting up for coffee to talk about it if you are interested. If you want to get more information, you can also contact the guide company that I am using, Panda Treks (the total cost is $1100 since a guide is required and for permitting etc and it pretty much covers all expenses during the trek)…. I would be happy to meet you for dinner or coffee on Wednesday or else something earlier on Thursday as you might need some time to figure out what you want to do. I could possibly extend part of my trip, I havent decided what to do after the Manaslu trek. I leave Nepal on Saturday, Oct 19th so as long as I am back by the evening of the 17th or else mid-day on the 18th I’m open to other options.

    Hope it works out. I am not sure where you are staying or how it will be to reach each other once we are there. Im staying at the Kathmandu Clubhouse but probably email will be the best place to reach me. I will check though and see if you are free to meet up Wednesday afternoon or evening (I could probably do around 3-4 pm if that works for you). Let me know a place and time… – this is the guide company