Manaslu Circuit including Tsum Trekking

We are a Dutch couple (31 and 33) and we do the Manaslu circuit (incl Tsum Valley) lodge trekking in October 2014. We start the trek on the 11th of October and will be trekking 21 days. We are guided by a very nice and local guide who was recommended to us. Costs for a guide for the entire trekking are €500,-. We are looking for fellow travelers who would maybe like to join us for good company and sharing the costs of a guide.

Love to hear from you!

Karin & Joris



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  1. Hoi, ik ben Peter en woon in Amstelveen, graag zou ik met jullie zsm in kontakt komen. Heb zelfstandig meerdere trekking in Nepal gedaan en vroeger veel geklommen in de alpen. Wil deze tocht graag maken.

  2. Hello, we are two friends from Czech Republic (28 and 30), we are planning the Manaslu trail from Arughat to Dharapani (not sure yet about the Tsum Valley – how much days is to go there?) and then continue with the Annapurna circuit. We have the same idea about sharing the costs of a guide. The only problem is that we will arrive October 13 in the evening to Kathmandu, so we vere planning to start the trip around 16th. Is your start date still flexible? 🙂

  3. Hey Guys,

    I am arriving into Kathmandu on 7th October and would be interested in joining you on the Manaslu Circuit. Are you still planning to go ahead with the original date of the 11th October?

    I’m really flexible with times and routes and am just looking forward to get going!

    Let me know!


  4. Hi Karin,

    Do you already have enough people for your group? My boyfriend and I arrive in KTM on the 8th and were planning on trekking manaslu + tsum valley on the 11th also, maybe we could join your group. Let me know if you’re interested. We are 30 and 31 years old, and live in Costa Rica.

  5. I would love to join you. Is this possible? I am 39 and have done several hikes so far. I am in kathmandu trying to get everything sorted out. Which agency did you use? i would enjoy sharing costs with you.



  6. Hey guys my name is Renier. I’m from South Africa. But I have grown up all around the place. I have done a bunch of hiking before and would love to join your group. I am in Pokarah right now and just had a few ppl drop out and decide to do the Annapurna trek instead. My number is 9801172778 if you need to get in contact with me.