Manaslu Circuit April 2022

Hey there!
I’m wondering if anyone is interested in trekking Manaslu Circuit April 2022, ideally April 12-30ish. I could also be up for going in March, but it’d have to be earlier in the month.
I am 32 F from the USA, currently living in Fiji. I was wondering if anyone wanted to trek together or permit share?
All the best!



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  1. Hi Tae, I am from India. I have a plan to do Manaslu Circuit trek in April ’23 end. If suits you then we can join to share permit, guide and transports.

  2. Hi Tae,

    I am looking to do the Manaslu trek as well and keen to join as I am traveling solo. I had also planned to do a guide only trek. I’m not sure where you’ve got to in planning but I have been speaking with a guide and getting costs etc to see what the options are. In terms of dates, my flight to Katmandu is on the 17th April so I’m not sure if that still works for your schedule?

    I’m 33, from the UK and work in Design. Currently traveling around Asia.

    Let me know what you think.

    All the best,