manaslu circuit and tsum valley


I am travelling from India on the 10th of Oct and have to be back in India in 6th Nov. I am planning to do Manaslu circuit and tsum valley trek within these days. I am a budget traveller with a bit of hiking experience. I have trekked in Nepal 2 years ago and completed Annapurna Basecamp. I also trained in basic mountaineering this year.

Albeit, I am a slow trekker and a budget traveller. I would like to do this as inexpensively as possible. We would have to take a guide, as per the rules. So, I am happy to split the costs with you.

I am super flexible with everything just the return date is fixed, because Diwali!

Let me know if you want to pair up.. The last thing I went hiking in Nepal, i found my trekking partner from this forum and it was an amazing trip! We looked out for each other and had plenty of fun days. I even brought her back home to India with me. Anyway, Hope to find someone equally fun 🙂

Hit me up if we can do this together!




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  1. Hey Kanika! I’m hoping to do this trek at pretty much the same time. I arrive in Khatmandu on the 10th. I am also a budget trekker and would like to do this hike as cheaply as possible as well.

    I am a Grand Canyon rafting guide- good shape and trained as a Wilderness First Responder (first aid) with lots of hiking experience.

  2. Hi there Maxim,

    Wow, rafting guide sounds like fun! I didnt book my tickets yet but my dates are open as far as I am back on the 6th. Also, I wanted to do tsum valley so that will make the trek longer, are you down for it?

    BTW, where are you from? I am guessing US, considering you are a rafting guide in Grand Canyon.

    Anyway, let’s talk about this soon!


    • Yeah I’m from the US. I haven’t bought my tickets yet either. But my last Grand trip ends on Oct 4th. I could leave as early as the 6th. Might take me a couple days to get there.

      Yeah, I wanted to do Tsum as well.

  3. Ok sounds good.. i can align my travel with your dates. I am not sure about the guide and the subsequent costs. How do you want to do this? Is your trip confirmed or are you still contemplating it?

  4. Buying my plane tickets today or tomorrow. We can look around for a guide and see what we can find. Are you packing camping gear? I was thinking I’d just stay in the tea houses, but I could go either way.

  5. Hey folks,

    I would be interested in being part of this trek. I am already in KTM and have some flexibility.


  6. Hi Kanika,

    Have you made any more plans for your trip? I would love to join you if there’s space in your group.


  7. Hi Kanika,

    Likewise – I was initially looking to do the annapurna circuit but this looks really fun – kindly let me know if there is space in your group!


  8. Hi Kanika & other group members,

    I am also interested to join! I would like to do the Manaslu circuit (there might be a detour because of toad cobstructions.) and Tsum Valley. I hiked in the Alps several times, not in high altitude Nepal yet, but for so far my condition is quite good….and I am a pretty fast walker in low lands so hopefully too on high altitude 😉

    A guide is required. And maybe a porter would be convenient?

    I prefer to leave on 15 or 16 Nov and stay in tea houses of homestays.

    Please keep me posted!



    • Hi, I’m planning to start on Nov 17 and need someone to share the trekking permit.

  9. Hello have you trekked already?

    I would like to do Manaslu and Tsum Valley – I believe approx 17 days. I am flexible on time! I fairly fit and have trekked other regions of Nepal before.
    I am keen to find a trekking partner/ small group and share guide cost. I can also make enquiries to find a guide. Am looking to start any time from 14th Nov onwards.

    tel: +9779803110985
    Let me know. Thank you!