Manaslu Circuit and Tsum valley

We are two New Zealanders planning our 3rd trek in Nepal. We have previously completed the Annapurna Circuit and the Three Passes treks. We are returning to Nepal in December 2014 to do the Manaslu Circuit with a side trip up the Tsum Valley.

Our start dates are flexible, but would be keen to start walking as close to the start of December as possible We estimate to be on the trail for around 22 days.

Happy to have any keen trekkers tag along to share the cost of a guide. We are a relaxed couple who appreciate sharing our trek with others as much as we like to have time on our own. Steady pace with plenty of time to take in the scenery, we’ll be in no hurry.

Get in touch if we sound like your travel companions, or if you would like to guide us.

Scott and Adrienne

New Zealand


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  1. Hello,

    I am interested in your trek and the flexibility your suggest.
    We are hiring the same guide and porter(s) since quite long.
    But still not sure about the dates.
    I am leaving Switzerland for Asia in a few days and will soon not be checking my mails every day.
    Sorry for not leaving previous trip reports. Much too lazy for a camera and prefer spending time skiing than writing reports.


  2. hello,
    i am also thinking to trek in the same region.can you share the details?

  3. Hi Adrienne and Scott,

    I am also a New Zealander looking to do the Manaslu Trek and Tsum Valley in December. I am pretty relaxed, wanting to just experience the culture and the lands and people as much as possible (a wee break from real life!)
    I am also keen to stay some time in Tsum Valley to do some volunteer work in the community there, so it may be that if things worked out and we did trek together, I would leave you guys at that stage, though my plans are still very fluid…

    Anyway, if you are keen, send me a message and we can get in touch.


  4. Hi Scott and Adrienne
    I’m Stacey from Nelson, NZ, and I’ve also been in touch with Kate who has contacted you. She and I have skyped and are considering starting Manaslu/Tsum Valley on Dec 3 or 4 also. I’m arriving Nov 23. Would you be interested in teaming up? I’m not sure if 4 would make it cheaper…I’ve emailed a few companies for quotes, so far I am keen on Social Treks as they come highly recommended by a friend and were also cheapest quote..about $1890…you would know better than I if this seems cheap or expensive ? (I havent trekked in Nepal before but have done lots of tramping in NZ)
    Would be lovely to hear from you, Stacey

  5. Hello Scott and Adrienne, I would be interested in joining you… I have done the 3 passes Everest trek twice and the Annapurna Round trek once.. I have also trekked and climbed in Ladakh and Pakistan and extensively in the alps.. check out my photography website… Manaslu is great and Tsum is a must! As it will be almost December, there is no need to pay a fortune for a guide, as there will be fairly few trekkers… the guide is only necessary because of regulations… he really has no other function and is really dead weight…so it does not really matter who he is as long as he is legally registered and not too annoying..LOL… do you already have a guide in mind? Otherwise we could just find ourselves one in Gorkha or Arughat…. what do you think?

  6. Hi Scott and Adrienne,

    Pete here, from London, UK, male, 30s, first time trekker in Nepal 🙂 Did you guys sort out plans for doing the Manaslu Circuit with the Tsum Valley? I’m keen to join a group and start 1st Dec or around then and would love to know if you guys are still going and would be looking for one more to join? I’m very easy going and happy to go along at whatever pace. Look forward to hearing from you.



    • Peter have you start your trek? Im interested in Tsum Valley, Im in Kathmandu now, let me know!

  7. hello Scott and Adrienne, i had the exact same plans as you both, i am already in KTM and could be ready to leave anytime soon. Let me know about your plans, cheers

    • Phillipe still in Kathmandu? Im here thinking to go in a few days to Tsum Valley. Let me know!

  8. Hey! Im interested to start on a few days the Tsum Valley, are you in Kathmandu?