Manaslu Circuit

Hi there,

My name is George, I’m a 31 year old Canadian. I’ve just booked Nepal today and will arrive in KTM next week– Thurs 23. I’m married but am solo this trip. I am looking for relaxed trekking partners to share a journey around the Manaslu circuit. I’d like to leave for the circuit Mon-Tues March 27 or 28 and need to be back in KTM for April 12.

This gives me approximately 15-16 days, which I believe (?) is a reasonable amount of time to complete the trek. I am reasonably fit but prefer to keep a relaxed/flexible pace. I have had a few health issues in the past couple months and my main goal on this excursion is to increase fitness. This will be my second trek–I completed the Annapurna trek independently a few years back.

I understand a guide and another trekker is required on Manaslu. Personally I think a trekking buddy is a good idea anyway for safety’s sake, and I’m happy to split a guide/porter cum-guide if necessary. I have no expectations for group size or makeup, just putting this out last minute to see what’s out there.




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