Manaslu April 2014

Hi guys, we are two kiwi males 26 and 27 looking at doing the Manaslu Trek in April. We are reasonably flexible with dates. Currently in Northern India and making way to Nepal towards late march early April. We are Looking to join or to form a group with like minded Trekkers. Both have trekked Nepal before. Everest, gokyo, and Annapurna regions. Easy going, friendly and love a challenge but are also sensible!

Are happy to go unguided if possible otherwise happy to share the costs of the guide and set up. We will be carrying our gear and do have a tent and cooking equipment if at any point we wanted to not use tea house facilities. Potentially for side trips as well. All open for discussion 🙂

Look forward to hearing from anyone interested.

New Zealand


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  1. Hi i like to do this Trekkingtour at the same time. At the moment I’ve planned to go with a guide, but I get no permit alone. So I have to reschedule now. I am intressted to go with you. I would not be averse to still go with guide but at this point I’m flexible it is also okay for me to go without.