Manaslu and Tsum Valley trek

Still exploring. Thinking of a 20-25th day trekking.



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  1. Hello – I just set up a profile a couple of minutes ago. Will complete that over the weekend. I live on Vancouver Island. I have been to Nepal before, in 2010. I’m planning to return for a couple of months this fall. I’d love to find a compatible trekking partner who is interested in sharing costs of guide and/or porter. I am also interested in the trip you posted (Manaslu/Tsum). My hiking style: moderate paced, like to build in some time for rest/exploring days, enjoy stopping to take in scenery and for photos. I hike fairly regularly with a local club here in town.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to introduce myself in case you’d like to talk further. What are you envisioning for your trip?

    Take good care and talk to you later,


    • Hi Catheryn

      I am interested in joining you and i have plans of being in Nepal in the month of november but for a short duration of 10 days. I want to cover atleast some part of Manasalu. I would like to know your plans.

  2. Hi Jenny.
    I am planning to do the Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit trek (Lodges, not camping) and I am interested in joining your group if that looks like a good idea. I will arrive from UK on 28 Sept and will spend a month in Nepal. How are your plans going? Do you still need trekking partners? Have you already fixed up a guide?
    Best wishes

  3. HI! I am looking for trecking partners for this treck as well. I am in KAthmandu already but I plan to start at the end of the month or at the beggining of October when the weather will get a bit better. I was thinking to do it without a guude or porters. I have already done Annaurna Circuit 2 years ago and I have some other experience with mountain hiking. This time I am travelling on my own though so I am looking for some people to join forces 🙂

    • It looks like a guide is necessary to obtain the permits, I was ill informed before about that, sorry about that. It would be great to join forces then to share the cost of the guide.

    • Hi Anna
      Thank you for your reply. I will arrive in Kathmandu on 29th Sept and I will do the Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit, which takes 26 days. I have a guide who wants to take me, if necessary on my own, but I would prefer some companions! I will definitely use a guide, and maybe also a porter. Would that interest you? I think it is not possible to do this trek without a guide, because it is a Restricted Area and only a registered guide can get permits for trekkers like us (minimum of two trekkers officially). How are you getting on in Kathmandu? Are you looking at other treks to do before 1st Oct?

  4. Hi Richard!
    You are right, I have just found out that the guide is necessary to obtain the permit. It would be a great idea to collect a bigger group of people to share the expenses for the guide. I posted my trip plan as well and I have seen that few other people are looking for others to join. It would be great to organise a meeting around 1st of October in Kathmandu, get to know each other and decide if we want to do it together and how we see it and so on 🙂 I will be in the area (maybe I will go to the village nearby for vipassana meditation but if it happens then I will be back in Kathmandu on the 1st of October so in the evening I will be able to meet anyone who would like to meet:)).
    Ca I ask you how much does you guide charge? So I can xompare it with the prices and info I will get in the tour agancies here.
    I feel good n Kathmandu, I really enjoy the place. I came to Nepal with no sharp plan though cause I planned something else that did not work out eventually so I am using these days now to plan something and organise myself;) Kathmandu has some great chilled out places perfect for that 🙂
    Anyway, we keep in touch then! When I will get the info from the agencies I will get back to you (today evening or tomorrow)

  5. Hi cathrin, and others 😉

    I’m in contact with Anna and would like to join for the tsum valley part. I’ve got some experience with the manaslu trek and also have a friend here who can help organizing everything.
    Because of holidays its better to start a little later (maybe the 5\6) but the permits should be organized before October.

    Maybe we could all meet when we’re in KTM.

  6. hi would be interested in joining small group doing manaslu (leaving 1st oct latest) to share costs & enjoyment. i did annapurna circuit loved itand looking for more. I am in Kathmandu till depart for treking and I am able to meet you guys to check compatibility.

    • Hi Alex

      I have picked up this message from you on Trekking Partners. Jenny (in the picture) has not replied to anyone, so I think she is out of the picture.

      However I have formed a small group to do this trek (3 or four people at the moment) and you would be very welcome to join us. We have the guide and agency all booked, so we will have all the right permits. It will be a lodge trek, not camping, and it will be 22 days. The only trouble is that we will leave on 6th October which I think is much too late for you. We cannot leave earlier because of the public holiday in Nepal (1st – 5th Oct).

      The others in my group are Marvin, Tom and maybe Anna.

      Are you still interested?


  7. Hi,
    I am interested in Manaslu- and EBC-Circuit (three passes).
    Originally I was planning to do EBC first, but I don’t care, and I don’t have a partner for EBC-Circuit yet.
    A friend of mine will arrive on 24th of October, so I have to be back in Kathmandu by this time. Is there any chance to hookup?

    • Hi Flora.

      We could talk about you joining our trek (not Jenny’s) but the only thing is we won’t be back till 27th Oct so that may make it impossible for you.

      Our trek is the Tsum Valley Manaslu lodge trek (not camping). It takes 21/22 days and we will leave on 6th Oct. We have three trekkers definite so far.

      If you’d like to contact us further about this send me a private message so we can share emails.

      Richard (and Tom and Marvin)

  8. I am already in Kathmandu, Hotel Himalaya Yoga, in Thamel.

  9. Hi Richard,
    thanks for response.
    You are right, 27th will be too late :-(( as a friend of mine is arriving in KTM on 24th.
    So I might decide for EBC-Gokyo-Circuit (on my own) first.
    If you change your plan let me know! I am staying in Hotel Himalaya Yoga.
    Have a great trek!