Manaslu and Tsum valley trek April 2014

A 20-22 day trek in Manaslu and Tsum valley regions.

This itinerary was taken from the excellent site, so how about something roughly like this –

Aarughat – Sotikhola: ~ 5.5 hrs trekking;
Sotikhola – Machhakhola ~ 5 hours leisurely trekking;
Machhakhola – Thulo Dhungga ~ 4 hours trekking;
Thulo Dhungga – Philim ~ 6 hours trekking (checkpoint & 1st night in Tsum valley);
Philim – Chumling (Tsum valley) ~ 8 hrs trekking (800 m. net gain; gross gain ~ 1200m);
Chumling – Chhokang Paro (3031m ) (Tsum valley) ~ 6 hrs trekking (700 m net gain; gross gain ~ 1000 – 1200m);
Chhokang Paro – Mu Gompa (3700 m) (Tsum Valley) ~ 6-7 hrs trekking ( 700m net gain; gross gain ~ 1000 m);
Mu Gompa – Lar (3245) (Tsum valley ~ 3 to 4 hrs trekking. (stayed in Mu Gompa until early afternoon;
Lar – Chumling (2386 m) (Tsum valley ~ 9 hrs trekking, lunch & site-seeing;
Chumling – Pewa (~ 2000 m) (left Tsum valley & start Manaslu trek ~ 5 to 6 hrs trekking;
Pewa – Ghap (2500m) – 5 to 6 hrs;
Ghap – Lho (3180 m) – 5 to 6 hrs (700 m net gain; gross ~ 1000m);
Lho – Sama (Ryo)(3520m) – 3 to 4 hrs. (300m net gain);
Sama (Ryo) – Samdo (3850m) – 3 hr. trek (stop to acclimatise);
Rest day in Samdo – climb towards Lajyung Pass (5120m) on Tibet border;
Samdo – Dharamsala (4460m) – 3 hours trek (stop to acclimate) scout Larkya La;
Dharamsala – Larkya La (5160m) – Bimthang ( 3720m) – 7 to 9 hours. (net gain: 700 m.: net loss 1500m);
Bimthang – Dharapani (1860m – on Annapurna Circuit) – 7 to 8 hrs;
Dharapani – Chamje (1430m) – 4 to 5 hrs;
Chamje – Bhulbhule (840m) – 3 to 4 hrs;
Bhulbhule – Besisahar – 3 to 4 hrs;



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  1. Hi Ali,
    I’m heading into the Manaslu Region on April 7th, 2014. We already have 3 maybe 4 people joining us. You’re welcome to join us if you’d like. You can check out our schedule on my website:

    Good luck, Basa

  2. Hi Basa,

    I did previously check out your trip, but as I’m very keen to include the Tsum valley I don’t think our schedules will work out.
    Thanks for contacting me and the very best of luck to you and your partners.



  3. Hi Ali,
    I would be interested to join you for this trip. I already trekked Annapurna, ABC, EBC, Ladakh, Torres del Paine, Los Glaciares and Sierra Nevada in California.

  4. Hi Stan,

    Yeah Stan, sounds good. I’ve made contact with a couple of local guides this week and put the itinerary to them so I’ll wait and see what they say. One or two other folk have expressed interest in coming so hopefully we can get things organised without too much drama.
    Your Flickr photos look fantastic!


  5. Hi Ali,

    sounds good. Keep me posted. Looking forward to be there. I need to get the air ticket. Are you still planning to start the trek on April 7?
    Thanks for organizing the trek. Let me know if you need any help.

  6. Hi Stan,

    I’m happy to share all info I find out and to accept any suggestions offered.
    I arrive in KTM on the 6th so hopefully we could be on our way within a couple of days.


  7. Hi Ali,
    I will look into the trek proposals, and let you know my feedback. Can we arrange all the permits before we arrive in KTM? Can I arrive in KTM on April 7th or 8th or do you recommend to arrive also on the 6th? Let
    me know once the departure is going to be finalized.


  8. There are now 3 of us confirmed for this trip. The plan is to leave KTM on the 8th so if anyone else is interested it would be great to hear from you.

  9. Hi Ali: Jenn here from Seattle, WA. I’m planning to to do this exact circuit on these days. I was actually wanting to start 1-2 days earlier, but I can be flexible. 😉 However…. I’m hoping to run/fast pack it within about 10-11 days. So, I’d love to hook up with your group to start, satisfy the more than 2 person requirements, share the bus out there, etc., but then scoot ahead. Is this something you would consider? Hope so!! Appreciate your reply! Cheers, Jenn

  10. We are now 4.