Manaslu and Tsum valley circuit

Hi I’m a fit, active 43 y old woman from New Zealand seeking one or more trekking partners. I’m keen to do the Manaslu trek with Tsum Valley side trip, preferably beginning November 24 or asap after. I would prefer teahouse/lodges to camping due to winter temperatures. The trek will be 21-25 days. I have requested itineraries and quotes from several trekking agencies, but haven’t made any firm decisions yet.

This is my first trip to Nepal but I’m an experienced hiker and have travelled in India previously. I’m always been drawn to the mountains and people of this area, and am really keen to experience the scenery, a walking lifestyle for a few weeks, and to interact with new people/culture where possible.

I’m a vegetarian who enjoys outdoor activities, gardening, great food, and hanging out with my dog and friends. I try to be environmentally and socially aware. I can be happy in comfortable silence but enjoy good conversation and fun too. If you want to do the same trek and think we might be compatible, you’re welcome to contact me 🙂

New Zealand

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  1. Hello Stacey, I have done some treks in Nepal and Ladakh, and I always wantedld be to do the Manaslu-Tsum trek. Would be interested in joining you.. but: trekking agencies charge too much. Easier and cheaper to hire a guide for the trek independently. Then the guide will cost 2o-30 USD per day, whereas an agency will charge you double or more….the same goes for lodgings… let me know what you think… btw, I am an outdoor and travel photographer, my website is, if you are interested…


    • HI Holgar
      Sorry to be so slack! I kind of went of the boil for a bit..but Im def keen to spend time this weekend trying to get it more sorted! Yes, still potentially keen. Do you have much experience hiring guides once there? Sounds like you do. I’ve heard very mixed stories and I guess I was angling towards organising it from here with someone I could feel confidant in, i.e. who has been personally recommended…I wonder what the price diff actually is? Like if its 21 days then at 30 p day for food and accom each thats about 1260 ea …the quote I got was 1890 which included permits, bus travel and hotel in kathmandu and I think was 23 days (not counting the day in kathmandu etc)
      Keen to hear your thoughts, sorry again for delay in responding, Stacey

  2. Hi Stacey, are you still looking for somebody to join the trek with you? I am!

    • Hi Addy
      Very sorry I’ve been slack getting back to you…been busy and havent looked at trekking stuff for a while. I am still potentially keen to form a group of two or four to do the trek. I have heaps of quotes and itineraries and found a company I was keen to go with, but I know some people think it’s better to organise it there so it’s cheaper. My priority is probably to find a guide I feel really confidant about rather than on saving money. What are your dates and thoughts?
      Thanks, Stacey

    • Hi Stacey,
      Good news!
      I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu November 24th, early in the morning. It can be a good idea to arrange a guide and permit beforehand. Although I’ve heard this can be arranged in 2 days in Nepal. About a guide: I got an offer through this site, which sounds reliable to me. I’d prefer to pay for the guide and permit, but pay for lodging and food along the way. I’ve done trekking in Nepal twice: 20 years ago Annapurna Circuit and in 2010 ABC and Helambu. I feel confident we’ll manage fine and the Manaslu Circuit is great. I’ll sent my email in a personal tell, so well can communicate a little easier. Hope to hear from you! Addy

  3. hey stacey – Looks like you might have a plan all set up – let me know if you are still looking for anyone to share cost of guide etc – it looks like your plan fits with my vague idea – and it looks like your interests and description of yourself fits with me 🙂 – I am a life loving, yoga teacher/artist from scotland – my happy place is in the mountains – i have spent a lot of time in india and done a wee bit of trekking in nepal – this time round i land in nepal on the 27th – for six weeks. – so even if your all set with walking companions -we might bump into each other in thamel 🙂 or on the trail

    • Hi Mohsinah
      Very keen to talk to you! I must admit Ive been busy with other stuff and have not had my head in trekking for a few weeks…I have heaps of quotes and itineraries and found a company recommended to me I was very keen to go with…but needs a trekking partner! So yes Im still keen to make a group of two or four..I’m also aware some people think its better to organise it once there to save costs? Im not sure about that…my priority is to have a good experience with a good guide, so one who has been recommended by other people I know is pretty appealing! I also got feedback from a couple of companies that it’s too late to do Manaslu this time of year, but the guy from Manaslu trek website didn’t seem to think so…
      ..your dates sound close to mine; I’d like to start asap so we’d finish mid Decemberish??
      Let me know what you think, cheers Stacey

  4. hey stacey – I have been checking messages – but not this page- oops – i didn’t realise thats how it works ! I’m on face book too .. and on Skype – its pretty useful having an unusual name – though i cursed my parents for it when i was wee..lets chat soon- I speak to my brother who lives in aukland quite regularly so i am plugged into the evening or morning schedule if that works for you – i am open to look at the options you have researched – though my experience in nepal was that it is easy to find good guides and everything you need at the trail head for a fraction of the cost – especially at this time of year – as most people are put off by the cold – i too would like to start as soon as i land and avoid hanging out too much in kathmandu – I have until the 8th of jan so if we fly round the circuit and tsum then i will take myself off someplace else too ! get as much of that high mountain air as possible !

  5. Hello Stacy,… I have done the 3 passes Everest trek twice and the Annapurna Round trek once.. I have also trekked and climbed in Ladakh and Pakistan and extensively in the alps.. check out my photography website… I never hire a guide unless i am forced to.As it will be almost December, there is no need to pay a fortune for a guide, as there will be fairly few trekkers… the guide is only necessary because of regulations… he really has no other function and is really dead weight…so it does not really matter who he is as long as he is legally registered and not too annoying..LOL… we can just find ourselves one in Gorkha or Arughat…. what do you think?