Manaslu, Tsum valley, Nar Phu

Looking for a companion, male or female, for a 27 to 28 day trek through Manaslu, Tsum Valley and Nar Phu.

I’m happy to go it alone with a guide-porter but am open to someone else coming with me as long as we’re the right fit for each other. On that score I’m simply looking for someone who’s easy-going, relaxed and good-humored.

As for me I’m 60 and historically a fast hiker though something more moderate may be the order of the day given my age and the higher parts of the trek. I’m happily married with two kids, so I’m not looking for any side-action along the way from any prospective female companions.

As far as the trip is concerned I do have a very reputable agency in mind who I’m using to provide the necessary guide-porter (or a guide and porter if someone comes with me), obtain the permits, etc, as well as transportation at either end. I was going to make my own arrangements for accommodation and sightseeing in Kathmandu, as well as for food and tea house stays on the trek. The itinerary is my own and has a degree of flexibility built in.

The agency fee of $1390 is excellent and includes a jeep for transportation at either end – or around $1225 in total if a bus is used to save money. On top of that are the daily costs of accommodation and food, which should come to around $30 a day. So figure on around $2200 in total if using a jeep at either end, or $2000 apiece if we use the buses for transportation. I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu on the 14th and heading out for Soti Khola on the 18th. All going well the trek should finish in Kathmandu (or Pokhara) around the 15th of October.

So if you’re interested feel free to get in touch and have a chat about it.


Here’s the trek outline –

18th – Day 1 of trek: Drive to Soti Khola
19th – Day 2 of trek: Trek to Machha Khola
20th – Day 3 of trek: Trek to Jagat
21st – Day 4 of trek: Trek to Lokpa
22nd – Day 5 of trek: Trek to Chumling
23rd – Day 6 of trek: Trek to Chokangparo
24th – Day 7 of trek: Trek to Mu Gompa
25th – Day 8 of trek: Trek back to Chokangparo
26th – Day 9 of trek: Trek Gumpa Lungdang
27th – Day 10 of trek: Trek to Ganesh Himal base camp
28th – Day 11 of trek: Trek to Lokpa
29th – Day 12 of trek: Trek to Bihi Phedi
30th – Day 13 of trek: Trek to Namrung

1st – Day 14 of trek: Trek to Sama Goan
2nd – Day 15 of trek: Trek to Rest day – trip to Manaslu base camp
3rd – Day 16 of trek: Trek to Samdo
4th – Day 17 of trek: Trek to Dharamsala
5th – Day 18 of trek: Bimthang via Larke la pass
6th – Day 19 of trek: Trek to Dharapani
7th – Day 20 of trek: Trek to Koto
8th – Day 21 of trek: Trek to Meta
9th – Day 22 of trek: Trek to Phu
10th – Day 23 of trek: Rest day
11th – Day 24 of trek: Trek to Nar Phedi
12th – Day 25 of trek: Trek to Nar Village
13th – Day 26 of trek: Kang La/Ngawal
14th – Day 27 of trek: Trek to Dharapani
15th – Drive to Pokhara – overnight to Gorakphur

There’s also the option of changing the itinerary and heading across the mountains from Phu to Nar, which would add two 5,000 passes on a rarely traveled route. It would add a day to the itinerary and require carrying some camping gear.

PPS – To all the trekking guides bombarding me with private messages – please stop. I already have an agency in Kathmandu I’m working with. Thanks.



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  1. Hi Tim, great, me too I celebrate my 60 yrs with the Manaslu Circuit trek – but I wish to also go to Tsum Valley on the way. Could You leave on 20th instead of 18th? Would You join me for the Tsum Valley too? I plan to be back in Kathmandu by evening 9th Oct. I got quotes: All permits (Anapurna area, Manaslu restricted, Tsum Valley restricted ecc. ) company fee for getting the permits and a guide (half cost for each): 470 USD. That excludes pay for the teahouses and all other expenses on the trek. What do You think? I walked the Annapurna Circuit Trek 2017 in spring by myself, it was sooooo beautiful. I gather that Manaslu and Tsum Valley trek are like Annapurna 10 yrs ago – so, really beautiful scenery and unspoiled life, culture, nature…

  2. Sorry, but it’s not possible. I am locked into dates for a follow-up trek through Nar Phu and Annapurna that starts on the 5th of October and can’t delay it. Plus I am already committed to trekking with another agency.

    Good luck with your trek. I hope it all goes well with you.