Manaslu and Tsum Valley

I am an independent traveller arriving in Kathmandu on 3rd November and planning to hike the Manaslu Circuit, including Tsum Valley, as far as Dharapani. I would like to leave by the 5/6th November, or as soon as I can arrange permits, but i am flexible and looking for others to form a group. I am carrying my own gear, and so only need a guide. I am 48 years old, a teacher in Rome, and have years experience hiking in Italy, north Africa, Middle East, U.S. and Ladakh. I have five weeks in Nepal, and plan to continue from Dharapani on Annapurna Circuit.



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  1. Namaste Paul,I just PM you. So if you do not mind I would like to have your reply via private message too.Hopefully you will reply me soon.Thanks

  2. Hello Sir, Namaste and Welcome to Nepal !
    It’s good to note that you are arriving 3rd November and get the eprmit hit the Manaslu circuit Trek with Tsum Valley located in north/west of Kathmandu the capital of Nepal

    Yes if you would like to hire a guide than I can be ready for your trip to Manaslu circuit with Tsum Valley
    My Name is Gam Bahadur Rai (54) I am a professional and Senior) Trekking guide in Nepal. so please let’s contact me my cellphone 9812145572 (from Nepal) +977 code is from abroad
    Thank you for your time wish you to have a nice holiday in Nepal !